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Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #15

Happy Rabbit G-Spot and Realistic Rabbit Vibrators

20150313_132647 20150313_133024

20150313_133203 20150313_133544


This review contains affiliate links.

I looked for my first rabbit vibrator for a long time. Probably too long. Honestly, I felt overwhelmed because there are so many options. All I knew was that I wanted a body safe, rechargeable, waterproof rabbit vibe that didn’t cost a fortune. I didn’t care if it thrusted or had rotating beads, but I worried that I was still expecting too much. Well, until I found Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbits.

     The only time another person bought me a sex toy was when I got my Happy Rabbit Realistic Rabbit Vibrator. Long story short: I have an Amazon Wish List linked to my Sex Forums profile, and I add to it only items that cost $20 or less because the idea of a kind stranger/admirer buying me a gift turns me on, but I feel uncomfortable about that gift being expensive. Well, this friend – a man more than twice my age – noticed my struggle to decide on a rabbit vibe. He was looking for a rabbit for his wife and took interest in my dilemma. Once I decided, he sent me a personal message offering to buy it for me to “show his gratitude” for my presence on the site and, I assume, for making public my quest to find the perfect rabbit for me. I naturally expressed uncertainty at first because although I think the price is reasonable, this toy costs more than my $20 limit. Lovehoney sells upgraded versions of their Happy Rabbits for $79.99. He assured me that he wasn’t concerned about the price. Even so, I found my Happy Rabbit on Amazon for a lower price¹, and we agreed. I felt flattered and excited. I hoped to write a positive review to show my friend that I appreciated his gift. I won my Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator in Lady Cheeky’s huge Valentine’s Day giveaway last year.

     At the time, Lovehoney offered three Happy Rabbits: the G-Spot, which has a bulbous, rounded tip; the Natural, which is softly tapered at the tip but still has a curved shaft; and the Realistic, which has the most phallic shape of the three. I chose the Realistic because I liked its shape the best, and the shape is the only difference between my two Happy Rabbits. The G-Spot definitely tugs at my pubic bone more than the Realistic does.

20150313_135143 20150313_134811 20150313_134409

     The upgraded versions of the G-Spot and the Natural boast 150% more power and 15 vibration options. The upgraded rabbit arm has a slightly different shape.


     Plus, they’re now USB rechargeable. They’re still silicone and waterproof, but they have only two motors, which doesn’t seem like an upgrade. For Fifty Shades of Grey fans, Lovehoney offers the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator’s shape combined with the branding of their Fifty Shades of Grey: The Official Pleasure Collection line of toys in the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator.

     The packaging is tasteful but not discreet. There is a huge picture of the vibrator on the outer sleeve. Under the sleeve is a sturdy box, which contains the vibrator, charger, storage pouch, and instruction booklet on top of a plastic tray.

20150909_132944 20150909_133152

20150909_133546 20150909_133853

     Because the toy comes with a storage pouch, I don’t use the box for storage. It’s too bulky.

     My Happy Rabbit Realistic Rabbit Vibrator was the perfect choice for me. I think it’s absolutely worth the full retail price. Even my original version is rechargeable. The indicator light changes color from red to orange to yellow to green while the toy charges. It’s fully charged when the light is green.

20150501_122551 20150908_204022 20150909_195037


     It’s not just waterproof; it’s submersible waterproof².

20150313_135621 20150313_140330

     This rabbit is silicone and ABS plastic, but I can’t boil it to sanitize it because it has three motors³. Instead, I clean it using soap and water, toy cleaner, wet wipes, or a 10% bleach solution. However, I let it air dry because drying it with a towel leaves fuzz behind. It comes with a storage pouch and has three constant vibration speeds, including in the rabbit arm, and two patterns of vibration in the shaft only for a total of five options. The patterns in the shaft are interesting because the shaft contains two motors. The second pattern is a pulsating that alternates between the two motors. The vibrations are powerful enough to make water-based lube bead on the shaft, and they’re definitely on the rumbly side. I love the feeling of the first pattern thrumming inside me. Two buttons make for easy operation, even for a beginner. The base is a great place to hold the toy during use, and the buttons are easily accessible. The long button controls the shaft while the small, round button controls the rabbit arm.


     Just press the button to turn the motor(s) on, press it to cycle through the vibration options, and hold it down to turn the motor(s) off. The toy starts on whatever settings it was on when it was last turned off. These vibrators are really quiet. Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbits aren’t as travel friendly as they could be because they don’t have a travel lock. It has 5″ of insertable length – I only use about 3.5″ – and 5″ of girth at its widest point, and I love its size.

20150909_132410 20150909_131927 20150909_132747

     It’s filling without being difficult to insert, so I don’t need to warm up before I use it, and the rounded head isn’t uncomfortable against my cervix while the rabbit ears are super flexible.


     Luckily, this particular rabbit vibe is perfect for my anatomy. The rabbit ears are the right distance from the shaft to touch my clitoris in an exact way when the shaft is in my vagina. I usually reach orgasm using a pattern internally with one rabbit ear on each side of my clit. I like to either rock the toy up and down inside me or back and forth so that the rabbit ears brush against my clit from side to side or use a very shallow thrusting motion.

Rabbit vibrator tip:

     While choosing a rabbit vibrator, I learned that it’s a pretty subjective and personal choice. I chose this rabbit vibe over other options because it offers the best combination of features for me. There are a ton of options, and I highly recommend taking the time to carefully consider the features of each potential purchase. Make a wise decision based on which option has the most desired features to offer. I love that this one is rechargeable because I intended to use it a lot. The three motors impressed me, and the vibrations are powerful enough for me to reach satisfying orgasms. I love the shape with its phallic head. I understood the appeal of cock-shaped toys after buying my first realistic dildo. The size is perfect for me. If I had to choose, I prefer girth over length because I want to feel full and a bit stretched but not poked, and I don’t like cervical stimulation. I wanted a body-safe toy, and all of the Happy Rabbit vibrators are body-safe silicone. I didn’t want a glass rabbit for my first rabbit vibrator experience because glass is hard and unforgiving. Silicone has squish and flexibility. It’s waterproof (read: easy to clean), comes with a storage pouch, and fits my anatomy at a reasonable price. Pinch me!

     However, my experience isn’t universal. I can’t guarantee that someone else would love this particular rabbit vibrator as much as I do. Things to consider before buying a rabbit vibrator include:

  • How it works – Is it rechargeable or battery-powered? If it’s not rechargeable, what kind of batteries does it run on? I hate watch batteries. For toys that see regular use, I’d recommend something rechargeable. Is it easy to use? How many buttons does it have?
  • Power – Consider buzzy vs. rumbly vibrations. Is there more than one speed setting? Does the toy offer vibration patterns? Some people need constant vibration while others prefer the variety that patterns provide. On the other hand, are there so many options that they’re overwhelming?
  • Size, shape, and texture – These features are extremely subjective and based on a person’s preferences when it comes to length and girth as well as whether or not they enjoy the sensation of texture and how much. Know what to look for. I know that I like a shorter or an average length between 4″ and 7″ with a diameter between 1.5″ and 2″ to give me the full, slightly stretched feeling I crave. I love cock-shaped toys and toys with a prominent head that pops when I thrust while some people prefer toys that don’t have a realistic shape. Texture I can take or leave. If a toy I buy has texture, I like some texture but not a lot. Just enough to make the sensations interesting.
  • Anatomy – The biggest complaint about rabbit vibrators is that they don’t fit everyone’s anatomy. If the distance between the shaft and the rabbit arm puts them too close together or leaves too much space between them, then hitting the right spots is difficult. Is the rabbit arm long enough with the shaft inserted? Does any part of the toy jab, stab, or poke?
  • Material – Body-safe materials are a requirement. I don’t compromise on this point, and I don’t think anyone else should either. However, there are other considerations when it comes to material. Is the toy soft or hard? How customizable is it? Is it nonporous? Color seems superficial, but it’s an important consideration for some people. Color wasn’t one of my primary considerations, but purple is my favorite color.
  • Care and cleaning – Is it splashproof, waterproof, or submersible? Some toys aren’t even splashproof. How much effort will cleaning require? Can I sanitize it and/or share it with a partner? A vibrator has a motor and therefore isn’t dishwasher safe and won’t survive boiling.
  • Price – This point is self-explanatory, but most people are on a budget, so it’s important to consider how much a toy costs. Where’s the value for money? Try to get as many desirable features as possible for the lowest price. I definitely recommend comparison shopping.
  • Additional features – Does it come with a storage pouch? Does it have a travel lock? These features aren’t necessary for the toy to function properly or for me to enjoy it, but they’re nice to have.


  • The Happy Rabbit Realistic Rabbit Vibrator has the most phallic shape of the three Happy Rabbits, which I like, but there are two other Happy Rabbits that offer different shapes.
  • This vibrator is silicone with an ABS plastic base. Both of those materials are body safe.
  • This toy comes with a storage pouch.
  • I’d definitely recommend this rabbit vibe for beginners. It’s a good size for most people. The three motors are powerful, and this toy offers both constant vibration and patterns. It’s easy to operate with just two buttons.
  • I have independent control over the shaft and rabbit arm.
  • The rabbit arm has three vibration speeds.
  • This particular rabbit fits my anatomy perfectly.
  • It’s rechargeable.
  • It’s submersible.
  • It’s quiet.
  • It’s affordable without being cheap.


  • Enjoyment of rabbit vibrators is subjective, and no rabbit will fit everyone’s anatomy.
  • I recommend using only water-based lubricants with this toy.
  • Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbits don’t have a travel lock.

Rating:  9.5/10

¹Although I recommend avoiding buying sex toys on Amazon, I’m guilty of doing it myself.

²The Lovehoney Web site says it’s submersible while the instruction booklet says it’s only splashproof, so I asked Lovehoney for clarification. They reassured me that the information on their site is accurate.

³Three! Two are in the shaft – one near the base and one near the tip – and the third one is in the rabbit arm.

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Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on Twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.














Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #14

Anal Fantasy Collection Elite Vibro Balls

This review contains affiliate links.

I put off writing this review for months. It was partially a matter of life getting in the way. I blog as a hobby, and I haven’t made any money from affiliate programs yet, so I have a full-time day job. The holidays are the busiest time of year where I work, so I worked a lot of mandatory overtime and didn’t have time for much else. I was also pretty depressed. It took all of my energy some days to force myself to get out of bed and go to work. My fiancé and I didn’t have sex between September and December. Plus, I’m honestly just not excited about this toy.

     I’m reviewing the Elite Vibro Balls from Pipedream’s Anal Fantasy Collection. It’s no secret that Pipedream hasn’t done their reputation any favors with the recent release of their J-Law Hacked Love Doll that capitalizes on the leak of Jennifer Lawrence’s private photos last year. I’m not in any way defending Pipedream, and this review – like all of my reviews – will reflect my honest opinions about the Elite Vibro Balls based on my experiences.

     The Elite Vibro Balls and all Anal Fantasy Collection toys are part of a kit that contains the toy itself, two black finger condoms, one Moist Anal Lube Insertz, one Anal Eaze desensitizing cream Insertz, and a small bottle of Refresh Toy Cleaner.

20150213_100920 20150213_101252

     However, this photo of my obviously broken Elite Vibro Balls shows what I had left when I took pictures for this review. I promise to explain later.


     This toy is essentially two large anal beads connected by a stretchy, flexible silicone cord, but there are inner balls that freely roll around inside the beads. The feeling of shaking them in my hand feels much like my LELO LUNA Beads Mini, but the sensation isn’t as strong. I don’t know if maybe the inner balls of the Elite Vibro Balls have a coating or are too big. The rattle of the Elite Vibro Balls definitely isn’t as loud as my LUNA Beads Mini. They don’t feel as heavy, even though both toys’ inner balls are metal. They also don’t provide the more powerful vibration of my LUNA Beads Mini. I wouldn’t recommend using this toy as Kegel balls mainly because of their size. They’re too big to fit comfortably, and the cord is too long, so they easily fall out of my vagina. The Elite Vibro Balls aren’t effective as Kegel balls, but that’s not their intended purpose. I only tried it because I was curious.

     As anal beads, I wouldn’t recommend this toy for beginners. While the balls aren’t huge, there are smaller ones out there for people who have literally never engaged in any type of anal play with toys before. I used plenty of lube and was able to fully insert the toy on the second try. I recommend using a thicker water-based lube for anal play with silicone toys. The part of the cord that connects the two balls is a bit long, so I had a hard time inserting the second ball because the cord got in the way. I inserted the first ball, and I had to wiggle to cord deeper until the second ball touched my body before I could insert the second ball. They feel pleasantly filling, and I really enjoyed gently tugging on the retrieval loop while I rubbed circles over my clitoris with my finger. A dildo in my vagina at the same time makes the Elite Vibro Balls feel even more filling, and the external stimulation around my anus made my orgasm more powerful. The entire outside of the Elite Vibro Balls is nonporous, body safe silicone, which is easy to clean. I recommend boiling this toy to sanitize it, which is possible because it doesn’t have a motor. Other cleaning options are soap and water, a 10% bleach solution, and toy cleaner or wet wipes.

     There are a couple of things about this toy that I don’t like. First, the vibration of the inner balls is dull. With the toy inserted, I can’t feel the movement of the inner balls at all. All I feel is the size of the balls, and even tugging on the retrieval loop doesn’t enhance the vibration. Maybe the vibration would be more noticeable with smaller or heavier inner balls. The main thing I don’t like is the cord. As I said, the part that connects the two beads is too long. Well, the part with the retrieval loop is too short.


     With both Elite Vibro Balls inside me, the base of the retrieval cord presses against my anus, and it’s so small and flexible that I worried about losing the loop and the toy in my ass. I figured out that I enjoyed tugging on the cord because I was only comfortable using the toy if I kept a finger in the retrieval loop the whole time. The silicone becomes very slippery when it’s covered in lube, and the cord is so stretchy that I snapped myself in the ass while removing the beads because the loop slipped off my finger. Finally, I have major concerns about the strength of the cord because it’s quite thin. I took a ball in each hand and pulled them apart, and I was able to snap the cord with my hands.


     I don’t think this anal toy is safe for anal use. I’m going to keep the bead that’s attached to the part of the cord with the retrieval loop because I want to see if one bead works better than two as a Kegel ball, so I used scissors to cut off the little nub that was left from the broken cord.

20150213_112523 20150213_112737

     I’m going to flame test the other piece of the toy.


     When it comes to the other items in the kit, I think the finger condoms are a good idea, especially for inserting the toy when it comes to anal play and people who have vaginas. Put on the finger condom to insert the toy and take it off before touching her vagina to avoid the transfer of bacteria and prevent infections.

20150213_102024 20150213_102135

     The toy cleaner is only alright. It smells like the blowing bubbles that come with a wand and foams a little, which makes it feel a bit like soap, but the toy still retained a smell after I washed it with the toy cleaner, so I ended up boiling it anyway.

20150213_102626 20150213_110007

     I didn’t even try the Anal Eaze desensitizing cream Insertz. I’ve written before about why desensitizing agents and anal sex don’t mix. I threw away that piece of the kit immediately. I did try the Moist Anal Lube Insertz because it’s not a desensitizing lube, and the small tube from the kit provided enough lube for one use.

Anal Eaze Insertz ingredients

Moist Anal Lube Insertz ingredients

Refresh Toy Cleaner ingredients¹



  • The Elite Vibro Balls are part of a convenient anal play kit that includes finger condoms, lube, and toy cleaner.
  • The two large anal beads contain inner balls that freely roll around inside them to create the vibration, which means there’s no motor. Boil this toy to sanitize it. I highly recommend sanitizing anal toys when possible.
  • The Elite Vibro Balls feel filling, and it’s possible to use this toy in addition to other toys like clit vibes or dildos.
  • This toy is body safe silicone.


  • Pipedream continues to damage their own reputation with some of the toys they make and advertising that turns off potential customers because people perceive it as sexist or racist. Understandably, they’re a company some people don’t want to support.
  • While the Elite Vibro Balls are quiet, the vibration is dull and isn’t even noticeable with the toy inserted. I believe that either the metal inner balls have a coating or are too big to provide the space needed for them to move around.
  • Even though they’re designed much like a lot of Kegel balls, they aren’t effective as Kegel balls because they’re too big, which makes them uncomfortable, and the cord is too long, so the balls don’t stay in the vagina.
  • This toy is definitely an intermediate anal toy because it’s a little too big for a beginner or someone who has never tried any type of anal play before. It’s not a huge toy though, so it’s one someone could easily work up to.
  • The cord is absolutely awful. The part that connects the two beads is too long while the part with the retrieval loop is too short. The retrieval loop is too small and flexible and isn’t a safe base for an anal toy. The cord is very stretchy and becomes very slippery when it’s covered in lube, but it’s impossible to use this toy without getting the cord covered in lube, so I snapped myself in the ass with the cord while I was trying to remove the beads. The worst thing about the cord, however, is that I was strong enough to snap it by pulling the beads apart. An anal toy needs a stronger cord.
  • I don’t recommend even trying the Anal Eaze desensitizing cream Insertz. Anal play and desensitizing agents don’t mix, and someone who can’t feel pain as well might hurt themselves without knowing it.

Rating:  1/10

¹I’m not sure if the spelling error is on the bottle or online.


Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #13


I’m not posting a sex toy review this time, but menstruation is still part of a woman’s overall sexual and reproductive health, so I’m reviewing a menstrual cup called the DivaCup. A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped device that’s soft and flexible.

post-28102-13753785552559 post-28102-13753785706228 post-28102-13753785959793 post-28102-13753786096566

     It fits inside the vagina during a woman’s period to collect rather than absorb menstrual fluid. The DivaCup is just one version of this device, and there are a lot of options for women who are thinking about switching from pads and tampons to a menstrual cup. I ultimately chose the DivaCup, which I bought on Amazon for about $25. I recommend doing some research before buying a menstrual cup to choose the appropriate size and find information about the stem type and length among other dimensions.

     I honestly wish I had known about menstrual cups earlier in my life, and there are plenty of good reasons to use one. First, the DivaCup and most other menstrual cups are silicone, so they’re body safe and nonporous. The DivaCup is even regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I wouldn’t recommend buying a menstrual cup that’s something other than silicone. With tampons, there’s a higher risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), caused by bacteria, because tampons absorb menstrual fluid, which exposes that fluid to the air. While TSS is rare, it’s potentially fatal. Menstrual cups collect fluid rather than absorbing it, and because the DivaCup creates a seal inside the vagina, the collected fluid isn’t exposed to the air, which means significantly less bacteria and a significantly reduced risk of TSS. Even better is the fact that there’s no odor. Another reason I love using a menstrual cup is because they’re environmentally friendly. They’re reusable, so I don’t throw out wrappers and cardboard from pads and tampons every month. Using a menstrual cup reduces my carbon footprint. Plus, I’ve already saved a lot of money not buying pads and tampons. A menstrual cup pays for itself within the first few months of use. In fact, while DivaCup recommends replacing the cup every year, it can last up to ten years. I don’t like pads because they make me feel like I’m wearing a diaper. The DivaCup is comfortable to wear. I don’t even know it’s there and can’t feel it as I go about my business. I can wear my DivaCup for up to 12 hours, and the seal keeps it from leaking, so I can do anything while wearing the DivaCup, including swimming and sleeping. I got rid of my period panties once I started using a menstrual cup. Finally, using a menstrual cup is educational. It’s easier for me to track my period when I can see how heavy my flow is, what color the fluid is, and whether or not there’s tissue from my uterine lining in the fluid.¹ That said, I imagine that people who are squeamish when it comes to bodily functions and fluids, especially blood, have a difficult time using a menstrual cup, including the DivaCup. I get blood both on my hands and under my fingernails when I insert and remove the cup.

     Before I bought the DivaCup, I did a little research and tried a box of disposable menstrual cups called Instead Softcups. I used the disposable cups for a couple of months with little success. They leaked, and I don’t know that I ever was able to insert them correctly. It also didn’t seem like they held very much fluid, and I was changing them every few hours. The issue, I think, was that the disposable cups were much thinner than the silicone DivaCup. They were very flexible and flimsy with a ring that was too big and not stiff enough and a cup that was some kind of crinkly plastic.

post-28102-13723815567565 post-28102-13723816375181 post-28102-13723815943597

     Rather than collecting fluid, they just became coated with fluid and made more of a mess than pads and tampons. I haven’t tried the reusable version. Use one cup per period rather than throwing away every cup upon removal and inserting a new one. The reusable version looks like it’s a different material, so perhaps they’re more effective than the disposable version. In spite of my experience with the disposable cups, some female friends convinced me that I’d have more success with a reusable cup, so I bought the DivaCup and hoped for a better experience.

     I chose the Model 1 size, which is for women who are younger than 30 years old and haven’t given birth. The Model 2 size is for women who are older than 30 or have given birth. Choosing the correct size helps to prevent leaks. The DivaCup is much easier to insert than the disposable cups and fits way better. I’ll be completely honest and say that inserting the DivaCup correctly takes a bit of practice, but I wouldn’t say it’s difficult to get the hang of it. I still insert it wrong every once in a while, but I just take it back out and try again, which I can’t do with tampons. There are two recommended ways to insert the DivaCup. The first recommendation is to fold it in half making a “U” shape with the cup.


     However, I prefer the second method. The second recommendation is to fold the side down into the cup making a more triangular shape.


     Using lubricant to make insertion easier isn’t recommended, but I really don’t think using only a water-based lube will hurt the cup. I insert the cup and allow it to pop open before I pinch the stem and gently twist the cup inside me to create the seal. When inserted correctly, the DivaCup sits low inside the vagina beneath the cervix. Remove the DivaCup before having sex. The DivaCup holds up to one ounce (almost 30ml) of fluid.

post-28102-13753786883188 post-28102-1375378673545

     The seal is strong, and the cup won’t fall out. In fact, I feel the suction when I remove it. For this reason, women who use the NuvaRing and women with intrauterine devices (IUDs) may dislodge their birth control device when removing a menstrual cup. I’ve found, however, that I’ve rarely worn my NuvaRing and DivaCup at the same time. Even so, I’ve found that I prefer sea sponge tampons when my period hasn’t quite ended before I insert a new NuvaRing. To remove the cup, I pull down on the stem until I can pinch the bottom of the cup to release the seal. Once the seal breaks, gently slide the cup out without spilling the fluid and empty the menstrual cup into the toilet before cleaning and reinserting it.

     Cleaning the DivaCup is pretty easy, but there are a few special instructions. When washing the cup, DivaCup recommends avoiding cleansers like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, wet wipes², hydrogen peroxide, and bleach. Also, don’t wash the DivaCup in the dishwasher. Chemicals and detergent residue inside the dishwasher can harm the cup, which means replacing it, or cause irritation during the next use. The four small holes around the rim of the menstrual cup create the seal inside the vagina. Make sure these holes are clear of debris and fluid. Boiling is a safe method to use to clean the DivaCup. Just watch the pot and don’t let the cup touch the sides or bottom. Another option is the official DivaWash, which is pH balanced. When I’m at work or in another public place, I usually don’t have the opportunity to clean my DivaCup before reinserting it. When I’m in a public bathroom, I wipe it out with toilet paper, reinsert it, and clean it thoroughly the next time I remove it. Wet wipes come in handy in this situation. My DivaCup has discolored a bit around the rim and four small holes near the top of the cup, but discoloration alone doesn’t mean that I need to replace it.

20140905_094159 20140905_094428 20140905_094400

     The DivaCup doesn’t require replacement as long as it’s still intact with no degradation of the silicone. The DivaCup comes with a small storage pouch, which I recommend using between periods.

post-28102-13753784817932 post-28102-13753785324402 post-28102-1375378503719

     Overall, I’m impressed by how much easier using a menstrual cup makes my life. If I have a daughter, I’m going to make sure she knows that using a menstrual cup is an option because I truly wish I had discovered menstrual cups years ago. I love everything about it, and it’s a big deal to me that I have an eco-friendly option. Using a menstrual cup isn’t as scary as it seems and really doesn’t take much getting used to.


  • Menstrual cups create a seal inside the vagina and collect fluid rather than absorbing it, which means that fluid isn’t exposed to the air, so there’s a significantly lower risk of TSS and no odor.
  • The seal prevents leaks.
  • There are literally dozens of options when it comes to choosing a menstrual cup.
  • The DivaCup is inexpensive. It pays for itself in the first few months, and replacing it won’t break the bank.
  • The DivaCup is silicone, which means it’s body safe and nonporous.
  • Reusable menstrual cups are environmentally friendly, and the DivaCup can last up to ten years.
  • The DivaCup is comfortable to wear. I don’t even feel it when it’s inserted.
  • The DivaCup is less intrusive than pads and tampons because I can wear it for up to 12 hours.
  • Using a menstrual cup is educational and allows women to track their period symptoms and learn about their bodies.
  • The DivaCup is pretty easy to clean, even in public bathrooms.


  • Disposable menstrual cups aren’t nearly as effective as reusable ones.
  • It’s possible for people who are squeamish when it comes to bodily functions and fluids, especially blood, to have a difficult time using a menstrual cup.
  • Figuring out how to insert the DivaCup correctly takes a little practice.
  • Do not wear the DivaCup during sex.
  • Women who use the NuvaRing or have an IUD may dislodge their birth control device when removing a menstrual cup.

Rating:  8.5/10

¹Maybe that much detail is a little gross, but I believe that every woman should track and become intimately familiar with her menstrual cycle and the symptoms that are typical for her. It’s part of learning about one’s body, which is also an important part of experiencing sexual pleasure.

²I recommend using a wet wipe that’s meant for intimate areas. Try Cheeky Wash Expandable Wipes.

Sweet-DeathPhoto courtesy of Property Of Potter

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Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #12

Pure Aluminium Medium Pink Vibrator

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In my Icicles No. 14 review, I talked about glass as a safe, versatile, beautiful sex toy material. Pipedream‘s Pure Aluminium line offers metal vibrators in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Pipedream kindly sent me their pink Pure Aluminium vibrator in the medium size in exchange for my honest review. Unfortunately, the first one I received didn’t work, but Sabrina sent me a replacement.

     First, I want to talk about how the colors of these vibrators seem to determine their textures. Pure Aluminium vibrators are available in six colors: pink, blue, purple, black, silver, and gold. Regardless of size, the silver vibes in this line provide the least texture with their dead-straight bodies that have no curves, bulbs, ridges, or bumps. For a bit of texture that’s not overwhelming, the purple and gold vibrators take texture one step further. The purple vibes offer long, gradual curves, and the medium purple has a spherical bulb at the tip. The gold vibes have straight ridges around the shafts of their bodies and more pointed tips. For increased texture, choose a pink or black vibrator. The pink and black vibes have similar shapes, and both offer rounded ridges and bulbs of various sizes. For example, the small black has a larger bulb that makes it look much like a butt plug¹, and the medium pink – the vibrator I have – has a more realistic head. I would have a difficult time choosing between the pink and black vibrators because they’re so similar. I’d have to think hard about whether I’d prefer the larger ridges in the middle of the large black’s shaft or the fatter bulbs of the large pink. The blue vibrators provide the most texture by far. All three sizes have close, rounded ribs along the lengths of the vibrators’ bodies.

     Similarly, the vibrators’ sizes determine their exact shapes. Basically, I can tell that there’s a relationship between the pink vibrator in all three sizes – small, medium, and large. They’re related and offer the same general textural features. The differences are in the lengths and girths of the bulbs as well as where they’re located along the vibrators’ shafts. Overall, Pipedream’s Pure Aluminium line offers a lot of variety when it comes to color, size, and texture.

     People who are familiar with Pipedream’s packaging will recognize the Pure Aluminium medium pink vibrator as a Pipedream sex toy. As with Icicles No. 14, this toy arrives in a box with a magnetic flap on the front that has a satiny ribbon for a handle and opens to reveal the toy through a clear window. Thick foam – black instead of white – encases the toy and keeps it safe during transit. There are no models on the box, but the package shows pictures of the toy from various angles, which makes the packaging less discreet than it could be because it’s obvious what’s in the box. The sides of this box are metallic pink and match the vibrator inside.

WP_000855 WP_000850 WP_000846

     I kept the box to store the toy between uses because it doesn’t come with a storage pouch. However, the Pure Aluminium medium pink vibrator doesn’t really need a storage pouch because the material doesn’t collect dust, lint, or other debris. It’s also strong and unlikely to break, even if I drop it.

     Aluminium is the most abundant metal on Earth. It’s body safe because it’s nonporous and resistant to corrosion, which means that it’s easy to clean with a nonabrasive soap and water and won’t rust. It’s a low-density material, so this sex toy is lighter than a stainless steel toy but still has all of the benefits of metal as a sex toy material. For example, metal sex toys are excellent for temperature play because they get very cold and very hot and hold body temperature well. Aluminium is latex- and phthalate-free. Pure Aluminium vibrators are compatible with any type of lubricant, and a small amount of lube goes a long way because these toys are mirror smooth and don’t absorb lube.

     The Pure Aluminium medium pink vibrator is very pretty indeed. I love the vibrant, metallic colors of the Pure Aluminium line. This vibe uses two AAA batteries².


     It has three speeds and no patterns. There’s only one button, so it’s easy to use, but the only way to turn off the vibrator is by using the one button to cycle through the speeds.


     The low and medium speed settings are on the rumblier side. The high setting feels buzzier than the other two but isn’t so buzzy that it makes my hand itch or numbs my fingers, even with my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The medium pink vibrator measures between 6-6.5″ in length and 4″ around at the widest part of the bulbs.

WP_000898 WP_000901

     The large bulbs of the medium pink vibrator provide gentle texture. Because the bulbs are the same size (excluding the realistic head) and evenly spaced, this vibrator makes me think of anal beads³. I tend to enjoy constant vibration externally and patterns internally, so I use this vibrator externally more. My favorite way to use this vibrator is to hold it by the end with the button with the realistic head pointing toward my vaginal opening and slide the length of the vibe up and down between my labia and over my clitoris. With the vibration turned on, the bulges and dips of the shape sort of feel like a pattern. I love the wet sound that lube and air make in the specific friction of this vibrator’s shape. I’ve had some satisfying clitoral orgasms while using this vibrator. The vibration is pretty strong internally. The aluminium transfers vibration well. The only minor negative aspect of using the vibe internally is loss of texture sensation with stronger vibration. In other words, the texture becomes less noticeable as the vibration gets stronger. I remedied the loss of texture sensation by squeezing the vibrator while it was inside me. The medium speed setting is my favorite because it’s the stronger of the two rumblier speeds, and even the high speed setting is super quiet. I couldn’t hear the vibrator over the TV at normal volume. This vibrator is nearly silent. There’s a clear ring that makes it waterproof.

WP_000904 WP_000902

     Soak it in a bowl of cool water (instead of putting it in the freezer) or warm water for temperature play. I recommend using the refrigerator instead of the freezer for safety reasons. Don’t insert a frozen sex toy. To warm Pure Aluminium vibrators, wrap the toy in a hot towel or just hold it for a few minutes. The metal is slippery when lubricated but not as slippery as glass, so the vibrator doesn’t become so slippery that it’s difficult to hold. I had Liquid Silk on the vibrator, my fingers, my vulva, and in my pubic hair and still didn’t lose my grip on the vibrator because there’s a ridge where the cap screws on. It’s also easy to clean using toy cleaner or a wet wipe or a 10% bleach solution. Because Pure Aluminium vibrators have motors, don’t put these toys in the dishwasher or boil them to clean them.

     Overall, the medium vibrators from Pipedream‘s Pure Aluminium line are great metal sex toys for beginners. They have three speeds with two settings that are rumblier and one setting that’s buzzier, so someone who’s new to vibrators in general has the opportunity to feel the difference in one toy. They’re body safe and easy to clean because they’re waterproof. The Pure Aluminium line provides a range of texture options, so someone who has never explored texture has the opportunity to find out whether or not they like texture and how much. I’d love to try a purple, black, or gold Pure Aluminium vibrator because I like texture. The silver vibrators offer no texture at all while the texture of the blue vibrators is too intense for me. Plus, buying a toy from the Pure Aluminium line costs around $50 (or less), which I think is definitely reasonable for a vibrating metal sex toy that’s waterproof. (Hint: Buy from Bondara in the UK or PinkCherry or SheVibe in the U.S. instead of Amazon.)

WP_000838 WP_000837


  • The Pure Aluminium line provides a range of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures that allow even beginners to choose a metal vibrator that’s right for them.
  • Aluminium is an abundant metal that’s perfect for making sex toys. Aluminium sex toys are body safe, nonporous, latex- and phthalate-free, and resistant to corrosion. Plus, aluminium is low-density, so aluminium toys are lighter than stainless steel toys.
  • Metal toys are great for temperature play.
  • This vibrator is compatible with any type of lubricant.
  • This vibrator has two rumblier vibration settings. The vibration is strong internally.
  • The medium pink vibrator has a realistic head.
  • The texture of the medium pink vibrator is noticeable and makes me think of anal beads but isn’t overwhelming.
  • It’s easy to use because there’s only one button.
  • Even on its high speed setting, this vibrator is nearly silent.
  • It’s easy to clean because it’s waterproof.


  • Like Icicles toys, Pure Aluminium vibrators don’t come with storage pouches.
  • Medium Pure Aluminium vibes aren’t rechargeable and run on AAA batteries, but I’m glad they’re not watch batteries.
  • Clean Pure Aluminium vibrators using a nonabrasive soap.
  • Pure Aluminium vibrators offer no patterns.
  • The high speed setting is both the strongest and the buzziest.
  • I have to cycle through the speeds to turn off the vibrator.
  • Pure Aluminium vibrators aren’t safe for anal use.
  • Stronger vibration means loss of texture sensation internally.

Rating:  8.5/10

¹I would not recommend any of the Pure Aluminium vibrators for anal insertion. While a few have shapes that are similar to butt plugs, none of them have bases to prevent them from slipping all the way inside the body and getting lost.

²The small Pure Aluminium vibrators run on watch batteries, and the large Pure Aluminium vibrators run on AA batteries. I cannot recommend buying anything smaller than a medium Pure Aluminium vibrator.

³Again, do not use Pure Aluminium vibrators anally.



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Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #11

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lover’s Body Paint

Thinking that body paint would be a uniquely fun sex toy to use, I looked for a good body paint for a long time before I decided to try a chocolate body paint by Kama Sutra. I bought their Lover’s Body Paint in the Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor from

WP_000873 WP_000885

     Kama Sutra makes a variety of edible and non-edible sexual enhancement products, including

Kama Sutra offers petite travel sizes as well as gift sets and collections. I have the Lover’s Chocolate Paintbox, which includes dark, milk, and white chocolate body paints, on my wish list, and I’d like to try Kama Sutra’s other chocolate flavors after using the Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor with my fiance. I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate but love white chocolate, so this collection should satisfy us both. I’m happy to say that Kama Sutra products are available for purchase right on their Web site now. When I bought this body paint, their site showed their selection of products, but there were no store pages, there was no shopping cart, and the prices weren’t listed.

     I like the packaging of this product. The glass jar and small paintbrush come in a sturdy cardboard sleeve. However, the jar’s label shows through the package and is plainly visible, so it could be slightly more discreet. I’m very pleased that the jar is glass instead of plastic. The lid, on the other hand, is plastic, so remove it before heating.


     Pop the jar in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to heat the chocolate. Don’t microwave the jar for too long because the chocolate can bubble over the rim of the jar and make a mess. It’s not hard to clean up on a hard surface, so it’s not a big deal if it bubbles over the rim. It’s just a waste of body paint. I took our jar out of the refrigerator and heated it for 20 seconds, and it was hot to the touch. An alternative method for heating the body paint is placing the jar in a bowl of warm water. Just remember that the jar is glass, so it gets hot, too. Make sure the chocolate isn’t too hot before applying it to a partner’s skin to avoid burns. The body paint stays warm for maybe 15 minutes, which provides a decent amount of time to play. To avoid staining the sheets, put down a dark-colored blanket or towel that’s machine washable. The jar is a good size. A two-ounce jar costs $9-13, and one jar should provide several uses¹.  It’s even possible to travel on a plane with this product (i.e. on a honeymoon or vacation abroad, for example) because its size is within the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule².

     Let’s talk about the smell and taste. It’s an edible product, so it absolutely must smell and taste appealing. This body paint smells chocolatey and slightly sweet. Both my fiance and I think it tastes better than it smells, which isn’t to say it smells bad. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor is pretty accurate and slightly more accurate than the smell. The chocolate is rich and thick, and a little goes a long way. At first, we tried to use the body paint without heating it, and it was too thick to spread easily with the provided paintbrush. It was like cake frosting or icing and felt more like smearing than painting.

WP_000869 WP_000872

     Heating the body paint melts the chocolate and makes it easy to spread. It’s nice and smooth.

WP_000880 WP_000877

     I highly recommend only using this body paint heated. It even smells better when it’s warm.

     I’d also like to take a moment to mention the paintbrush. The handle is plastic, and it’s even textured to make it easy to hold. I’m not sure exactly what material Kama Sutra used to make the bristles.

WP_000886 WP_000876

     Words like “supple” and “decadent” appear in product descriptions. The dry bristles feel relatively soft on fingers, but they’re stiff.


     When I used the brush to paint the chocolate around the glans of my fiance’s penis, he said that the bristles were uncomfortable and poked and scratched his sensitive skin. To try to feel what he was feeling, I used the paintbrush to paint one of my nipples, and I didn’t feel the same poking or scratching, even though the body paint had started to dry on the bristles. Just be aware before purchasing this product that the provided paintbrush might feel rough on some people’s most sensitive areas. If the brush isn’t gentle enough, I recommend using a fluffier makeup brush or a paintbrush with bristles that are less stiff. Just don’t go back to using the brush as a makeup brush once it’s been used with the body paint. To avoid this issue completely, just use fingers instead of a brush.

Ingredients: hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, theobroma cacao (cocoa) fruit powder, alcohol dena., sucrose, elacis guineensis (palm) kernel oil, hydrogenated palm oil, non-fat dried milk/sine adipe lac, lecithin, vanillin, water/aqua, zea mays (corn) starch, gelatin, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and flavor/aroma

Product tip:

     This body paint is perishable. Refrigerate the jar after it’s open. I don’t like that there’s no expiration date on the jar. I’ve kept our open jar of body paint in the fridge for quite a long time, and I haven’t noticed any bad smell or taste, so I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to last. For multiple uses with time in between, I’d highly recommend checking this product for freshness before each use. If it seems like it’s off, don’t use it. I’ve also come to expect to see an expiration date on any quality bottle of lubricant.



  • The glass jar is easily heated, which makes for a better experience. Plus, the glass jar is recyclable. I think a lot of thought went into the packaging.
  • This body paint is definitely affordable. One jar provides several uses, and it won’t break the bank to buy more.
  • The chocolate is rich and thick and both smells and tastes good.
  • The textured handle of the paintbrush is easy to hold, and the bristles are easy to clean. The body paint came off both the brush and skin easily, even without soap.
  • Kama Sutra products come in various chocolate and non-chocolate flavors for sensual massage, aromatic and yummy foreplay, and a spa-like bathing experience, so they have something for everyone.
  • The body paint takes 20 seconds or less to heat and stays warm for about 15 minutes, so using this product in the moment isn’t intrusive.
  • The size of this jar of body paint is within the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule.
  • Kama Sutra products are now available for purchase right on their Web site.


  • This body paint is a perishable item. Refrigerate the jar once it’s open. There’s no expiration date on the jar.
  • The ingredients in this body paint aren’t safe for everyone. This product contains sugar and non-fat dried milk, so I strongly advise against using this body paint internally and can’t recommend it for people who are lactose intolerant.
  • The stiff bristles of the paintbrush might poke or scratch sensitive skin.
  • There’s the potential here for the body paint to stain fabrics.

Rating:  8/10

¹Unless there’s a party in your pants and everyone’s invited.

²The TSA allows 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less per container of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in a carry-on bag stored inside one clear Ziploc bag that is no larger than one quart per person through the checkpoint. If in doubt, pack this jar of body paint in a checked bag.

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