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Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #1

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System

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The Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is a bondage toy that looks like a spider’s web and straps to any mattress. Adam & Eve sent me this toy during my time as a Brand Champion on Sex Forums in exchange for an honest review. Pipedream is the manufacturer. The packaging is tasteful and shows a couple using the toy in a variety of positions. Although there are models on the box, there is no nudity. However, the package isn’t discreet because it’s obvious what’s inside. Sealed in a plastic bag inside the box are the parts of this toy. Woven nylon straps, plastic adjusters, and four identical neoprene cuffs that secure both to the straps of the web and around the wrists and ankles using Velcro make up the toy. The securing straps are adjustable and fit any size bed. The straps fit our king-size mattress with room to spare, and we were able to tighten the plastic adjusters quite a bit. Position the cuffs anywhere on the web.

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     This toy is versatile in various sexual positions. My fiancé and I tried several positions with success. We tried standard missionary and doggy with me restrained the first time we used this toy, and the cuffs work for cowgirl with him restrained. The cuffs can partially restrain both partners at the same time. There’s plenty of novelty for both partners. The only disruption was that I kept slipping down when I was on all fours with him behind me. My knees inched apart, and my hips ended up low and almost on the bed, and we had to keep readjusting. There is enough room for movement, but the cuffs and Velcro are strong and definitely held me. Plus, the places where the web’s nylon straps meet are stopping points for the cuffs, which limits movement as well. I really need something to put under my belly, and I was thinking that I might buy a tan Liberator Wedge and Ramp. The Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System comes with a mask to blindfold the restrained person. The mask is a cheap one that’s probably included with all Fetish Fantasy Series toys. It’s not comfortable to wear because it feels like plastic, and it’s slippery, so it doesn’t always stay put. Try using a tie or some other article of clothing to blindfold your partner if you intend to have enthusiastic sex.

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     Installing Pipedream‘s Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is easy and takes only a few minutes. I was able to do it by myself in order to take pictures. The straps are color-coded to make installation simple. The black straps rest on top of the mattress, and the red, adjustable straps fit underneath the corners of the mattress. Adjust the red straps to make the web tight.


     The straps don’t tangle, and I even pulled out this toy and set up the straps without much issue after it had been underneath our mattress for quite a while. I did have to unwrap the straps a bit, but they weren’t knotted. The whole web fits underneath the mattress for storage between uses for quick access. My fiancé and I store the web under our mattress and keep the cuffs in a drawer with other sex toys. The neoprene cuffs feel relatively soft and comfortable around the wrists and ankles, and maybe I’m being too critical here, but the cuffs make my wrists and ankles sweat. The most common allergic reaction to neoprene is allergic contact dermatitis caused by an agent called diethylthiourea that makes neoprene rubber tough and pliable. Sweating might exacerbate any allergic reaction. Also, the nylon of the web wasn’t the most comfortable material to have underneath us. It’s woven, so it can feel rough or hard. However, I have very sensitive skin that reacts to basically anything and everything (or nothing), so cuff sweat and slightly rough woven nylon may not bother other people. I’m careful about the products I use from sex toys and lube to laundry detergent and shampoo. The Velcro makes the cuffs easy to remove quickly, which means that this toy is safe, even for beginners.


     The Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is overall safe and non-threatening for people who are new to BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) or who have never tried bondage before. This toy was our first bondage toy, and it’s certainly user-friendly.

     I doubt we could ever use this toy every time we have sex because we worked up a sweat and exhausted ourselves. The toy definitely requires some effort and is a toy that’s perfect for a high-energy couple. We use it every once in a while for a change of pace. Since I bought our first pair of nipple clamps, however, I’ve been fantasizing about being restrained and teased while wearing them. The Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is way too expensive at Adam & Eve. I wouldn’t have this toy if I hadn’t received it for free. The $79.95 price tag is ridiculous when SheVibe sells this toy for $29.99.

BDSM tip:

     For people who are new to bondage or any other BDSM activity, I recommend discussing a safe word ahead of time. Safety and trust are extremely important. The best safe words are words or phrases that aren’t typically said or heard during sexual activity; the goal is to communicate more clearly and minimize confusion. Do not use words like, “stop,” “don’t,” or “no,” as these can result in miscommunication. For example, I say those words when my fiancé is tickling me as I roll and squirm, but I may not actually want him to stop. Our safe word is “cuckoo clock” because it’s unusual and even silly, so there’s no mistaking the desire to stop, and it breaks the tension and allows us to emotionally step back from the situation. Use a safe word in uncomfortable situations or to stop the action; if a partner uses a safe word, stop immediately and refocus before deciding together whether or not to continue.


  • No batteries are necessary, and there are no electronic pieces, which means that the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is ready to install and use when it arrives.
  • It’s easy to install without tools.
  • The adjustable straps fit any size bed, so there’s no measuring.
  • The four neoprene cuffs use Velcro to secure them to the web, which makes them safe, even for beginners, because they are easy to remove quickly.
  • This toy is versatile in various sexual positions and provides novelty.
  • This toy is definitely worth a $30-40 price tag.
  • The toy comes with a mask.


  • Adam & Eve’s price for this toy is ridiculous.
  • I don’t believe I can sanitize this toy’s materials.
  • The mask is cheap and uncomfortable and doesn’t stay in place.
  • The nylon feels rough on very sensitive skin, and the cuffs make wrists and ankles sweat.

Rating:  8/10

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