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The Sex Trend’s Sex 101 app.



Sex 101 is a free app created by The Sex Trend. The app aggregates posts from sex toy reviewers, sex educators, and other sex and adult bloggers to give users access to tips and advice about dating and relationships; flirting, foreplay, and sex; sex positions; and birth control information as well as a wealth of sex toy reviews all in one place. The app is available from iTunes for iPhone and iPad users. It’s also available for Android devices. However, Karen from The Sex Trend informed me that Sex 101 is “unfortunately not on the Google Play store because of their adult content restrictions.” Sex 101 is intended for mature audiences, and users must be at least 17 years old. To download Sex 101 for Android devices, Karen provided a link to a “safe and secure” adult app store, which is available at the end of this post. Just look for the Sex 101 icon.


     Sex 101’s feed shows the titles of recent posts along with the beginning of each post’s content and a link to the post.


     To visit a specific post, tap the feed, and the app takes users to the full post right on the blog where the content is posted. Content is not included in Sex 101’s feed without bloggers’ permission, and this app does not scrape or steal from bloggers to obtain content. To participate in Sex 101, contact


Download Sex 101 for Android devices

Download Sex 101 for iPhone and iPad

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