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Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lover’s Body Paint.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #11

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lover’s Body Paint

Thinking that body paint would be a uniquely fun sex toy to use, I looked for a good body paint for a long time before I decided to try a chocolate body paint by Kama Sutra. I bought their Lover’s Body Paint in the Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor from

WP_000873 WP_000885

     Kama Sutra makes a variety of edible and non-edible sexual enhancement products, including

Kama Sutra offers petite travel sizes as well as gift sets and collections. I have the Lover’s Chocolate Paintbox, which includes dark, milk, and white chocolate body paints, on my wish list, and I’d like to try Kama Sutra’s other chocolate flavors after using the Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor with my fiance. I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate but love white chocolate, so this collection should satisfy us both. I’m happy to say that Kama Sutra products are available for purchase right on their Web site now. When I bought this body paint, their site showed their selection of products, but there were no store pages, there was no shopping cart, and the prices weren’t listed.

     I like the packaging of this product. The glass jar and small paintbrush come in a sturdy cardboard sleeve. However, the jar’s label shows through the package and is plainly visible, so it could be slightly more discreet. I’m very pleased that the jar is glass instead of plastic. The lid, on the other hand, is plastic, so remove it before heating.


     Pop the jar in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to heat the chocolate. Don’t microwave the jar for too long because the chocolate can bubble over the rim of the jar and make a mess. It’s not hard to clean up on a hard surface, so it’s not a big deal if it bubbles over the rim. It’s just a waste of body paint. I took our jar out of the refrigerator and heated it for 20 seconds, and it was hot to the touch. An alternative method for heating the body paint is placing the jar in a bowl of warm water. Just remember that the jar is glass, so it gets hot, too. Make sure the chocolate isn’t too hot before applying it to a partner’s skin to avoid burns. The body paint stays warm for maybe 15 minutes, which provides a decent amount of time to play. To avoid staining the sheets, put down a dark-colored blanket or towel that’s machine washable. The jar is a good size. A two-ounce jar costs $9-13, and one jar should provide several uses¹.  It’s even possible to travel on a plane with this product (i.e. on a honeymoon or vacation abroad, for example) because its size is within the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule².

     Let’s talk about the smell and taste. It’s an edible product, so it absolutely must smell and taste appealing. This body paint smells chocolatey and slightly sweet. Both my fiance and I think it tastes better than it smells, which isn’t to say it smells bad. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor is pretty accurate and slightly more accurate than the smell. The chocolate is rich and thick, and a little goes a long way. At first, we tried to use the body paint without heating it, and it was too thick to spread easily with the provided paintbrush. It was like cake frosting or icing and felt more like smearing than painting.

WP_000869 WP_000872

     Heating the body paint melts the chocolate and makes it easy to spread. It’s nice and smooth.

WP_000880 WP_000877

     I highly recommend only using this body paint heated. It even smells better when it’s warm.

     I’d also like to take a moment to mention the paintbrush. The handle is plastic, and it’s even textured to make it easy to hold. I’m not sure exactly what material Kama Sutra used to make the bristles.

WP_000886 WP_000876

     Words like “supple” and “decadent” appear in product descriptions. The dry bristles feel relatively soft on fingers, but they’re stiff.


     When I used the brush to paint the chocolate around the glans of my fiance’s penis, he said that the bristles were uncomfortable and poked and scratched his sensitive skin. To try to feel what he was feeling, I used the paintbrush to paint one of my nipples, and I didn’t feel the same poking or scratching, even though the body paint had started to dry on the bristles. Just be aware before purchasing this product that the provided paintbrush might feel rough on some people’s most sensitive areas. If the brush isn’t gentle enough, I recommend using a fluffier makeup brush or a paintbrush with bristles that are less stiff. Just don’t go back to using the brush as a makeup brush once it’s been used with the body paint. To avoid this issue completely, just use fingers instead of a brush.

Ingredients: hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, theobroma cacao (cocoa) fruit powder, alcohol dena., sucrose, elacis guineensis (palm) kernel oil, hydrogenated palm oil, non-fat dried milk/sine adipe lac, lecithin, vanillin, water/aqua, zea mays (corn) starch, gelatin, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and flavor/aroma

Product tip:

     This body paint is perishable. Refrigerate the jar after it’s open. I don’t like that there’s no expiration date on the jar. I’ve kept our open jar of body paint in the fridge for quite a long time, and I haven’t noticed any bad smell or taste, so I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to last. For multiple uses with time in between, I’d highly recommend checking this product for freshness before each use. If it seems like it’s off, don’t use it. I’ve also come to expect to see an expiration date on any quality bottle of lubricant.



  • The glass jar is easily heated, which makes for a better experience. Plus, the glass jar is recyclable. I think a lot of thought went into the packaging.
  • This body paint is definitely affordable. One jar provides several uses, and it won’t break the bank to buy more.
  • The chocolate is rich and thick and both smells and tastes good.
  • The textured handle of the paintbrush is easy to hold, and the bristles are easy to clean. The body paint came off both the brush and skin easily, even without soap.
  • Kama Sutra products come in various chocolate and non-chocolate flavors for sensual massage, aromatic and yummy foreplay, and a spa-like bathing experience, so they have something for everyone.
  • The body paint takes 20 seconds or less to heat and stays warm for about 15 minutes, so using this product in the moment isn’t intrusive.
  • The size of this jar of body paint is within the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule.
  • Kama Sutra products are now available for purchase right on their Web site.


  • This body paint is a perishable item. Refrigerate the jar once it’s open. There’s no expiration date on the jar.
  • The ingredients in this body paint aren’t safe for everyone. This product contains sugar and non-fat dried milk, so I strongly advise against using this body paint internally and can’t recommend it for people who are lactose intolerant.
  • The stiff bristles of the paintbrush might poke or scratch sensitive skin.
  • There’s the potential here for the body paint to stain fabrics.

Rating:  8/10

¹Unless there’s a party in your pants and everyone’s invited.

²The TSA allows 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less per container of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in a carry-on bag stored inside one clear Ziploc bag that is no larger than one quart per person through the checkpoint. If in doubt, pack this jar of body paint in a checked bag.

Glow-in-the-Dark Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Dildo Kit.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #9

Glow-in-the-Dark Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Dildo Kit

This review contains affiliate links.

Empire Labs started out making products for medical and prosthetic use before Hollywood realized that they could make detailed, lifelike props and use the same process for creating special effects in horror movies. Empire Labs is the manufacturer of the Make Your Own Dildo kit, Clone-A-Pussy Labia Casting Kit, and Clone-A-Willy Kit. Mike at The Play Pages contacted me about writing a review, and I chose to review the Glow-in-the-Dark Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Dildo Kit. The Clone-A-Willy Kit is available in three realistic flesh tones as well as a small variety of additional and more novel colors like neon pink. Empire Labs even offers soap, candle, and edible chocolate versions of the Clone-A-Willy Kit. The Make Your Own Dildo kit makes a penis replica dildo with testicles while the Clone-A-Willy Kit makes a penis replica dildo without testicles. I’m reviewing the Clone-A-Willy Kit, so my dildo doesn’t have balls. I’m not sure I understand the goal of their Clone-A-Pussy Labia Casting Kit because it doesn’t make a sex toy. It’s not a stroker or masturbator; it’s just a cast of the external vulva. I’m not sure how one would masturbate with it. However, the Clone-A-Willy Kit makes either a vibrating or non-vibrating penis replica dildo.

     The Play Pages is a Palm Island Inc. Web site. Palm Island Inc. sells sex toys and offers services like marketing assistance for people looking to create their own store site. They offer erotic audio recordings and plan to add adult web cam services. The Play Pages has more than 1,700 items and a rotating inventory, so it’s likely that new items will appear with each visit to their site. They provide free shipping with orders over $50 and discreet billing. Returning customers get 10% off with a valid e-mail address, and because The Play Pages is a reseller, their prices are comparable to PinkCherry’s. Follow The Play Pages on Twitter.

     The Clone-A-Willy Kit packaging is a plastic tube, which later contains the mold. The packaging isn’t at all discreet if someone reads the large text that says, “CLONE-A-WILLY Kit.” There’s a cartoon couple on the package.


     The Kit includes many – but not all – of the items necessary to make a penis replica vibrator. I found detailed instructions, molding powder, a jar of liquid skin, a jar of liquid rubber, a plastic vibrator, and glow powder in my Kit. The Kit should include a thermometer and a stir stick, but I didn’t receive those items. Honestly, I could have contacted Mike about the missing pieces of my Clone-A-Willy Kit, but I didn’t because it wasn’t a big deal to me. I have a thermometer I can use, and I just used a wooden spoon instead of the stir stick.

WP_000651 WP_000650

     In addition to the Kit, I needed a Sharpie, a pair of scissors, duct tape, a large measuring cup, a large mixing bowl, a timer or a stopwatch, a small square of cardboard, water, and (obviously) my fiancé’s penis. Collect and set up the items ahead of time and be prepared because portions of this process are time-sensitive.

     To make a replica vibrator from my fiancé’s penis, I asked him to measure the length of his erect penis against the tube and draw a line with the Sharpie on the tube where his penis ends. I cut the open end of the tube at the Sharpie line and put tape over the cut end of the tube to cover any sharp edges left by the scissors. I used whatever tape I could find, the instructions recommend duct tape because it’s thick. The tape I used didn’t protect my fiancé from getting poked by the cut end of the tube. My fiancé’s penis is straight, but the instructions explain how to rig the tube for a guy with a curved penis. I knew it was important for the next few steps to go well because this part of the process is time-sensitive. I had to get the water to the right temperature – 98 degrees.


     Accuracy is important when it comes to the temperature of the water because it affects the timing of the next steps. I had two minutes to mix the water and molding powder together, pour the mixture into the tube, and get my fiancé’s penis in the tube before the mixture started to gel. I learned from reading a review written by Ali that stirring the mixture for about one minute and then getting my fiancé’s penis into the tube was probably the best course of action. I’d say that her review was the most helpful, and I benefited from the wisdom of her experience.

     The instructions say that the molding powder (also called “sodium alginate impression material” in the instructions) is non-toxic, silica-free, hypoallergenic, and contains no harmful ingredients. The molding powder contains sodium alginate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, cellulose, and calcium sulfate. Sodium alginate comes from brown seaweed and is an ingredient in flavorless gum and foods like yogurt and cheese. Tetrasodium pyrophosphate is about twice as toxic as table salt. It is found in health and beauty products like toothpaste and dental floss for tartar control as well as household detergents and even foods like marshmallows and pudding. Cellulose comes from plants, and calcium sulfate appears in nature as gypsum, which is the main ingredient in plaster of Paris. It’s also used in foods like tofu.

     Communication between my fiancé and I was incredibly important when it came to the time-sensitive steps going well, and I would say that our communication was lacking when we attempted this project. I had wanted to try the Clone-A-Willy Kit since I received it back in February, so I had been bugging him for quite some time, and it ended up being put off more than once because he got sick, I got sick, and we don’t live alone, so we had to find a time when everyone else would be out of the house. Obviously, privacy is necessary to do this project. Honestly, when we finally decided to try it, I think neither of us was in the best mood. I felt annoyed because I had to keep nagging him about it, and he was probably irritated by my nagging¹. Anyway, it’s important to decide in advance where to do it. I needed warm water for the mixture, so I thought we’d do it in the bathroom because the floor also would be easy to clean if we spilled the mixture while putting his penis in the tube, but he seemed to think we were doing it upstairs in our bedroom, which is where the computer is, so he’d be able to watch some porn to get hard, but it’s carpeted. Another important factor to consider is how he will get and stay hard. My fiancé and I didn’t discuss this factor ahead of time, so I didn’t know whether he wanted to watch porn or have me assist him, and the situation ended up being a bit awkward. Figure out how he will get hard, how long that will take, and how he will stay hard for the next few minutes before mixing the molding powder and water. I thought he’d watch porn, but he didn’t seem comfortable doing it with me in the room, and I felt like I was waiting around for him to figure out what he was doing. Maybe bringing a laptop into the bathroom would have helped. We ended up in the bathroom with the water running while I took off my clothes, and he entered me from behind while I leaned over the sink and used the thermometer to get the water to 98 degrees. He tried thrusting a little to stay hard while I mixed the molding powder and water, and I used a stopwatch app on my cell phone to keep track of the two minutes. As I said, it was awkward, and there was a lot going on. He ended up pulling out of me in a hurry before the mixture was ready because he thought he was going to cum. I think pulling out interrupted his orgasm because he said that some cum leaked out, but it didn’t seem to me like he had experienced a full release. He wasn’t has hard as he could have been by the time we inserted his penis into the tube, so our mold wasn’t fantastic. I’m not the one who was trying to stay hard against the clock, but I can imagine that the timing likely caused him some performance anxiety as well. None of these things were the fault of the Kit, so in fairness, I stress again that clear communication is paramount to successfully executing the instructions. I also was way too worried about the difficulty of the time-sensitive steps. It wasn’t difficult at all to mix the molding powder and water and get his penis into the tube within two minutes.

     I recommend doing this project in either the bathroom or the kitchen because it’s somewhat messy. The mixture is likely to run out of the tube as he inserts his penis. It dripped down my fiancé’s balls as well as getting all over his hands and mine. Put down some newspaper or a garbage bag on the floor to make cleaning up easier. Honestly, once the mixture gels and he pulls out of the tube, the material isn’t difficult to clean up. What was left in the bowl dried and flaked right off, and I washed the bowl in the dishwasher.

WP_000739 WP_000740 WP_000743 WP_000742

     The material on my fiancé’s skin turned into a flexible putty and came off pretty easily, and he cleaned himself with a wet wipe or wash cloth, but I’d recommend that he shave or at least trim his pubic hair short so that the material doesn’t get stuck in his hair. Rubbing in some petroleum jelly or lube is another option if he doesn’t want to shave or trim his hair. Another avoidable issue we experienced was how uncomfortable the cut end of the tube felt against his skin. I should have used duct tape, but he also had literally just shaved beforehand, and when I pulled the tube off his penis, I saw red dots of blood around the top of the mold, so he might want to prepare a day or two in advance when it comes to shaving or trimming his hair so that he doesn’t have such sensitive skin when doing the project.

     Once the mixture gelled, he pulled out of the tube, leaving the mold inside it. After we made the mold, it had to sit for two to four hours before I could use the liquid skin and liquid rubber to make the replica. I checked the mold and poured out the water that had collected at the bottom. Then, I mixed the liquid skin, liquid rubber, and glow powder together and poured the mixture into the mold. The instructions say to make this mixture in a disposable container. I cut slits in the cardboard square and slid the vibrator through until only the cap was still sticking out and lowered the vibrator into the mixture with the cardboard resting on top of the tube. The tube needs to sit this way for 24 hours. After a full 24 hours, remove the replica from the mold. Our replica ended up having air bubbles in it, which likely happened because there was too much water in the mold, so I’ll let the mold dry for a longer period of time when I try this project again.


     I also pushed the vibrator too far into the tube. Not only does the tip stick out of the head of our replica, but also the cardboard stuck to the mixture, and I can’t get it off.

DSC05139 DSC05160 DSC05159

     The other materials also contain no harmful ingredients. The liquid rubber (also called “silicone rubber base” in the instructions) and the liquid skin (also called “silicone rubber catalyst” and “platinum cure” in the instructions) both contain polydimethylsiloxane, which is a type of silicone oil that is clear, inert, non-toxic, and non-flammable. It is found in shampoo and food as well as used in Rain-X for its water-repelling properties. It is present in over-the-counter drugs and treats head lice. The glow powder (also called “phosphorescent pigment” in the instructions) contains copper-doped zinc sulfide, which is a common and widely used pigment. The vibrator is hard plastic and powered by one AA battery, which is not included in the Clone-A-Willy Kit.


     I have issues with this vibrator. It has only one speed, so it’s weak, and the vibrations are buzzy and concentrated at the tip. Once inside the replica, the vibrations are obviously even weaker because they now have to travel through the material. To turn the vibrator off, I have to completely remove the battery, which means unscrewing and replacing the cap several times during one use of the toy. I hope the cap doesn’t break from excessive use. However, I have to say that the battery doesn’t fall out when the cap is off. Use a different, more powerful vibrator to upgrade the Clone-A-Willy Kit. Just be sure that it’s made of hard plastic to transfer the vibrations best. This toy isn’t waterproof because there is no ring to make a seal with the vibrator’s cap. However, non-vibrating replicas are waterproof.


     While I’m not going to post a photo of my fiancé’s penis, I can say that our dildo is relatively accurate. The head is the right shape with a pronounced ridge, and the texture is right. I can see the wrinkle lines on the head clearly.


     The shaft even has some slightly raised veins for texture, and the underside of the shaft is almost perfect except for the part where his head was against the side of the tube. As I said, he also wasn’t as hard as he could have been, and that’s certainly partially my fault. Our dildo even ended up having a base, so I can use it anally, and it’s pretty glowy. I actually didn’t want the glow-in-the-dark Kit in the beginning, but The Play Pages didn’t have the Clone-A-Willy Kit that I wanted in stock, so this one was my second choice. I think we would have had more fun making a vibrating replica of my fiancé’s penis if a few things had been different. I plan to give the Clone-A-Willy Kit another shot, and we know now that we need to communicate better. I’ll tell him to shave or trim his pubic hair a day or two before we attempt this project again, and we’ll discuss how he’ll get and stay hard and where we’ll do it. Maybe I’ll buy a good cock ring before we try again. Now that we know what to expect, I hope our replica turns out better next time. Again, the fault isn’t necessarily with the Kit, and I’m sure we can do better. Our dildo isn’t terrible, but he could have been harder, and I need to make sure the vibrator stays inside the dildo. I honestly don’t need the toy to vibrate, so I’ll probably make a non-vibrating replica next time.

DSC05136 DSC05137 DSC05135 DSC05138


  • The materials that aren’t easy to find around the house are in the Kit.
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  • The Clone-A-Willy Kit makes an accurate replica.
  • A doctor designed the Clone-A-Willy Kit.
  • Empire Labs offers a variety of items like the Clone-A-Willy Kit and several different Clone-A-Willy Kits that make replicas from novel materials.
  • The process is pretty simple, and the materials are phthalate- and latex-free. The “finished dildo is made from a proprietary skin-like substance that is not latex or silicone, but a completely safe, [nonporous] rubber material that is…being used throughout Hollywood to create incredibly lifelike masks,” according to this product description.
  • Both water- and silicone-based lubricants are compatible with this toy. I’ve used Uberlube, which is silicone-based, without having any issues.
  • Rub in some petroleum jelly or lube if he doesn’t want to shave or trim his pubic hair.
  • This toy is easily cleaned with soap and water, and non-vibrating replicas are waterproof.
  • This project won’t break the bank. SheVibe sells the Glow-in-the-Dark Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Dildo Kit for under $40. Plus, refill packages of the materials are available if the replica doesn’t turn out as expected.
  • The Clone-A-Willy Kit is perfect for couples in long-distance relationships.


  • My Kit was missing the thermometer and the stir stick.
  • The tips are really more like instructions, and I’d treat them that way so that the replica ends up being as accurate as possible.
  • Clear communication is paramount for successful completion of this project.
  • Be prepared with all of the necessary materials before beginning this project. I can see how the time-sensitive steps might cause performance anxiety, especially if there’s a scramble for an item that was forgotten.
  • This project is a bit messy. It’s a good idea to do this project in the bathroom or the kitchen or somewhere else that isn’t carpeted.
  • This project is best tackled by a couple. Trying to get through the process alone definitely would be more difficult.
  • This toy isn’t waterproof because of the vibrator and requires careful cleaning.
  • The vibrator has only one speed. The vibrations are weak, buzzy, and concentrated in the tip. To turn the vibrator off, remove the battery.

Rating:  7.5²/10

¹If he would do what I ask the first time I ask him to do it, then I wouldn’t have to nag him for weeks.

²After agonizing over rating this toy, I consulted my fiancé, and we agreed that this rating is appropriate because the Kit is well designed. Everything that either is vital to doing the project or might be difficult to find around the house is in the Kit. Because the tube that contains the Kit is the tube for making the mold and the product label has the instructions on the back, there are no wasted materials. It’s a solid toy, and the reasons why our replica may not have turned out exactly as we had hoped have nothing to do with the Kit and everything to do with user error.

Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #4

Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps

This review contains affiliate links and photos that are not safe for work (NSFW).

My first pair of nipple clamps is from Pipedream‘s Metal Worx line. This toy arrives in a small, hard case that I think is pretty classy. There are sticker labels on the top and bottom of the case, so it’s obvious what’s inside, but there are no models on the packaging, and the labels are easy to remove for the sake of discretion. A logo image appears on the lid of the case underneath the sticker label.

WP_000537 WP_000566 WP_000567 WP_000715

     The closure is solid, easy to operate, isn’t loose and doesn’t wiggle, and definitely is strong enough to hold the case closed. The metal accents give the case an industrial look.


     The case contains a removable block of foam with two cutouts that hold the nipple clamps. Cutting down the foam would create a space for storing other small objects – additional pairs of nipple clamps, for example. Because I have only one pair, I’m storing extra batteries underneath the foam.

WP_000583 WP_000579

     Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps are attractive in silver and feature four clear or white decorative crystals to provide some sparkle. At this point, I have minor concerns. First, I’m not certain about the material. Pipedream lists the material as “Steel,” which I don’t doubt is possible. I’m not an expert and don’t know how to test the material to determine that it’s steel. The clamps do jingle with a metallic sound. They don’t feel as heavy as I imagined they would. However, they are small, and I have to say that the clamps feel heavier when I’m wearing them. I don’t know why. Perhaps the additional perceived weight is a result of my nipple sensitivity, the small surface area of my nipples, the size of my breasts, or the pull of gravity. I have no idea and can only guess. The magnets attract only to themselves, so if these nipple clamps are steel, then they might be made of stainless steel, and I can’t test the material based on magnetism alone because some stainless steels aren’t magnetic. A friend of mine has a nickel allergy. She even covers the back of her watch because it irritates her skin. She’s careful that jewelry she wears is not plated because plated metals might cause her to experience an allergic skin reaction. I’ve noticed that my nipple clamps scratch very easily (and after only a handful of uses).


     I’ve also noticed that there was some kind of film peeling off near the crystals, but the surface underneath isn’t damaged, so I think it’s just residual glue. I’m going to take Pipedream’s word for it that the material is steel. My fiancé assures me that they’re made of steel, and he would know better than I do, so I’ll trust his judgement as well. Overall, however, I would recommend doing some research before buying Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps. I don’t know if I can recommend these clamps for everyone because I believe there’s a chance that they’re plated. Although I have very sensitive skin, I have not experienced any skin irritation as a result of wearing these clamps, but someone even more sensitive than me – like my allergic friend – might. If these clamps cause skin irritation, discontinue wearing them.

     My second complaint about Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps is purely cosmetic. I don’t like the lack of sparkle in the decorative crystals. They don’t catch the light and glisten enough.

WP_000584 WP_000539

     I would love to see Pipedream use Swarovski Elements crystals instead, but I know these clamps would cost more if they did.

     I wanted to try these nipple clamps first because I thought that a pair of magnetic clamps would be gentle and easy for a beginner to use. Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps are gentle. In fact, I’d recommend wearing them for a short period of time to get the best results. I like to wear them during sex or masturbation essentially for an entire session of about 20-30 minutes. They don’t pinch much at first, but after a few minutes, I start to feel increased sensitivity and pressure. After only about five minutes, I start to notice how hard the clamps keep my nipples. After about ten minutes, I begin to feel the pinch. My nipples are slightly darker at this point, but there isn’t a significant change in color yet. As I approach 25 minutes, the clamps really are pinching now. My nipples are noticeably darker with purplish areas. The clamps continue to pinch and actually squeeze tightly enough to leave small indentations in the sides of my nipples after I take them off. I was curious to see how long I could wear the clamps and recently tested my limits. My longest experience wearing them was about 45 minutes, which I think is a bit too long for me. By the time I took the clamps off, the pinch was definitely painful, and I had purple areas on my nipples. I still recommend them for beginners because the pinch increases gradually, and it took all that time to become too uncomfortable for me to continue wearing them. They always eventually become too painful, so I can’t wear them all day, but they definitely work. After I removed the clamps, the pinch continued to last for several minutes during which my nipples stayed erect and sensitive.

WP_000511 WP_000514

     These clamps are slightly fiddly. They definitely take two hands to put on in order to keep the magnets apart. If a clamp prematurely snaps shut and catches the tip of a nipple, it’s a bit painful like when my fiancé bites them too hard. It’s easier for me to put on these clamps myself instead of having my fiancé put them on me.

     We even tried using these nipple clamps for temperature play. I put the clamps in the refrigerator for a while and told my fiancé that there was a surprise for him in the fridge. They were definitely cold to the touch at first, but they didn’t hold that temperature, which was disappointing. The only noticeable sensation before long was the gradually increasing pinch.

     Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps will work best for people who have more protruding nipples. Ideally, the nipple should poke all the way through the ring.

WP_000486 WP_000513

     I have large breasts that bounce around during sex, and even with somewhat protruding nipples while wearing the clamps properly, the bouncing drove the clamps closer to the tips of my nipples, and they slipped off. The magnets snapped shut with a sharp pinch that left a small, red dot about the size of a pencil point on the tip of my nipple for a couple of days. It didn’t hurt for more than a few minutes.


     I bought my nipple clamps at a Black Friday sale price from PinkCherry, but they’re worth SheVibe‘s $32.99 price tag.

     Finally, I have to say that – in spite of my rating – I like my Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps. They ended up being a good buy, and I’m glad I shopped around for the best price and waited for a sale. I like the price I paid for what I received, the magnets are strong enough, and the clamps work as described and expected. I’m happy with them. I can’t recommend Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps for everyone because they won’t work for every body type.


  • Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps are attractive silver clamps with decorative crystals.
  • The hard storage case is strong, classy, and discreet with the product stickers removed.
  • These clamps genuinely are a good choice for beginners because they don’t provide a strong initial pinch and are best worn for a short period of time during which the pinch slowly builds.
  • These nipple clamps are worth a $25-35 price tag.
  • Use these nipple clamps for temperature play.


  • I’m not positive that these nipple clamps are steel.  They might be plated, so sensitive and potentially allergic people may experience skin irritation.
  • The decorative crystals aren’t very glamorous.
  • Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps are a bit fiddly and take two hands to put on so that the magnets don’t snap shut prematurely.
  • People who have less protruding nipples may have trouble wearing these clamps.
  • If a clamp slips off, it sharply pinches the tip of the nipple.
  • Temperature play isn’t highly effective because the clamps don’t hold the temperature.

Rating:  7.5/10

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #1

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System

This review contains affiliate links.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is a bondage toy that looks like a spider’s web and straps to any mattress. Adam & Eve sent me this toy during my time as a Brand Champion on Sex Forums in exchange for an honest review. Pipedream is the manufacturer. The packaging is tasteful and shows a couple using the toy in a variety of positions. Although there are models on the box, there is no nudity. However, the package isn’t discreet because it’s obvious what’s inside. Sealed in a plastic bag inside the box are the parts of this toy. Woven nylon straps, plastic adjusters, and four identical neoprene cuffs that secure both to the straps of the web and around the wrists and ankles using Velcro make up the toy. The securing straps are adjustable and fit any size bed. The straps fit our king-size mattress with room to spare, and we were able to tighten the plastic adjusters quite a bit. Position the cuffs anywhere on the web.

WP_000504 WP_000506 WP_000507 WP_000508

     This toy is versatile in various sexual positions. My fiancé and I tried several positions with success. We tried standard missionary and doggy with me restrained the first time we used this toy, and the cuffs work for cowgirl with him restrained. The cuffs can partially restrain both partners at the same time. There’s plenty of novelty for both partners. The only disruption was that I kept slipping down when I was on all fours with him behind me. My knees inched apart, and my hips ended up low and almost on the bed, and we had to keep readjusting. There is enough room for movement, but the cuffs and Velcro are strong and definitely held me. Plus, the places where the web’s nylon straps meet are stopping points for the cuffs, which limits movement as well. I really need something to put under my belly, and I was thinking that I might buy a tan Liberator Wedge and Ramp. The Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System comes with a mask to blindfold the restrained person. The mask is a cheap one that’s probably included with all Fetish Fantasy Series toys. It’s not comfortable to wear because it feels like plastic, and it’s slippery, so it doesn’t always stay put. Try using a tie or some other article of clothing to blindfold your partner if you intend to have enthusiastic sex.

WP_000520 WP_000521 WP_000524

     Installing Pipedream‘s Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is easy and takes only a few minutes. I was able to do it by myself in order to take pictures. The straps are color-coded to make installation simple. The black straps rest on top of the mattress, and the red, adjustable straps fit underneath the corners of the mattress. Adjust the red straps to make the web tight.


     The straps don’t tangle, and I even pulled out this toy and set up the straps without much issue after it had been underneath our mattress for quite a while. I did have to unwrap the straps a bit, but they weren’t knotted. The whole web fits underneath the mattress for storage between uses for quick access. My fiancé and I store the web under our mattress and keep the cuffs in a drawer with other sex toys. The neoprene cuffs feel relatively soft and comfortable around the wrists and ankles, and maybe I’m being too critical here, but the cuffs make my wrists and ankles sweat. The most common allergic reaction to neoprene is allergic contact dermatitis caused by an agent called diethylthiourea that makes neoprene rubber tough and pliable. Sweating might exacerbate any allergic reaction. Also, the nylon of the web wasn’t the most comfortable material to have underneath us. It’s woven, so it can feel rough or hard. However, I have very sensitive skin that reacts to basically anything and everything (or nothing), so cuff sweat and slightly rough woven nylon may not bother other people. I’m careful about the products I use from sex toys and lube to laundry detergent and shampoo. The Velcro makes the cuffs easy to remove quickly, which means that this toy is safe, even for beginners.


     The Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is overall safe and non-threatening for people who are new to BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) or who have never tried bondage before. This toy was our first bondage toy, and it’s certainly user-friendly.

     I doubt we could ever use this toy every time we have sex because we worked up a sweat and exhausted ourselves. The toy definitely requires some effort and is a toy that’s perfect for a high-energy couple. We use it every once in a while for a change of pace. Since I bought our first pair of nipple clamps, however, I’ve been fantasizing about being restrained and teased while wearing them. The Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is way too expensive at Adam & Eve. I wouldn’t have this toy if I hadn’t received it for free. The $79.95 price tag is ridiculous when SheVibe sells this toy for $29.99.

BDSM tip:

     For people who are new to bondage or any other BDSM activity, I recommend discussing a safe word ahead of time. Safety and trust are extremely important. The best safe words are words or phrases that aren’t typically said or heard during sexual activity; the goal is to communicate more clearly and minimize confusion. Do not use words like, “stop,” “don’t,” or “no,” as these can result in miscommunication. For example, I say those words when my fiancé is tickling me as I roll and squirm, but I may not actually want him to stop. Our safe word is “cuckoo clock” because it’s unusual and even silly, so there’s no mistaking the desire to stop, and it breaks the tension and allows us to emotionally step back from the situation. Use a safe word in uncomfortable situations or to stop the action; if a partner uses a safe word, stop immediately and refocus before deciding together whether or not to continue.


  • No batteries are necessary, and there are no electronic pieces, which means that the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System is ready to install and use when it arrives.
  • It’s easy to install without tools.
  • The adjustable straps fit any size bed, so there’s no measuring.
  • The four neoprene cuffs use Velcro to secure them to the web, which makes them safe, even for beginners, because they are easy to remove quickly.
  • This toy is versatile in various sexual positions and provides novelty.
  • This toy is definitely worth a $30-40 price tag.
  • The toy comes with a mask.


  • Adam & Eve’s price for this toy is ridiculous.
  • I don’t believe I can sanitize this toy’s materials.
  • The mask is cheap and uncomfortable and doesn’t stay in place.
  • The nylon feels rough on very sensitive skin, and the cuffs make wrists and ankles sweat.

Rating:  8/10

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