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Pure Aluminium Medium Pink Vibrator.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #12

Pure Aluminium Medium Pink Vibrator

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In my Icicles No. 14 review, I talked about glass as a safe, versatile, beautiful sex toy material. Pipedream‘s Pure Aluminium line offers metal vibrators in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Pipedream kindly sent me their pink Pure Aluminium vibrator in the medium size in exchange for my honest review. Unfortunately, the first one I received didn’t work, but Sabrina sent me a replacement.

     First, I want to talk about how the colors of these vibrators seem to determine their textures. Pure Aluminium vibrators are available in six colors: pink, blue, purple, black, silver, and gold. Regardless of size, the silver vibes in this line provide the least texture with their dead-straight bodies that have no curves, bulbs, ridges, or bumps. For a bit of texture that’s not overwhelming, the purple and gold vibrators take texture one step further. The purple vibes offer long, gradual curves, and the medium purple has a spherical bulb at the tip. The gold vibes have straight ridges around the shafts of their bodies and more pointed tips. For increased texture, choose a pink or black vibrator. The pink and black vibes have similar shapes, and both offer rounded ridges and bulbs of various sizes. For example, the small black has a larger bulb that makes it look much like a butt plug¹, and the medium pink – the vibrator I have – has a more realistic head. I would have a difficult time choosing between the pink and black vibrators because they’re so similar. I’d have to think hard about whether I’d prefer the larger ridges in the middle of the large black’s shaft or the fatter bulbs of the large pink. The blue vibrators provide the most texture by far. All three sizes have close, rounded ribs along the lengths of the vibrators’ bodies.

     Similarly, the vibrators’ sizes determine their exact shapes. Basically, I can tell that there’s a relationship between the pink vibrator in all three sizes – small, medium, and large. They’re related and offer the same general textural features. The differences are in the lengths and girths of the bulbs as well as where they’re located along the vibrators’ shafts. Overall, Pipedream’s Pure Aluminium line offers a lot of variety when it comes to color, size, and texture.

     People who are familiar with Pipedream’s packaging will recognize the Pure Aluminium medium pink vibrator as a Pipedream sex toy. As with Icicles No. 14, this toy arrives in a box with a magnetic flap on the front that has a satiny ribbon for a handle and opens to reveal the toy through a clear window. Thick foam – black instead of white – encases the toy and keeps it safe during transit. There are no models on the box, but the package shows pictures of the toy from various angles, which makes the packaging less discreet than it could be because it’s obvious what’s in the box. The sides of this box are metallic pink and match the vibrator inside.

WP_000855 WP_000850 WP_000846

     I kept the box to store the toy between uses because it doesn’t come with a storage pouch. However, the Pure Aluminium medium pink vibrator doesn’t really need a storage pouch because the material doesn’t collect dust, lint, or other debris. It’s also strong and unlikely to break, even if I drop it.

     Aluminium is the most abundant metal on Earth. It’s body safe because it’s nonporous and resistant to corrosion, which means that it’s easy to clean with a nonabrasive soap and water and won’t rust. It’s a low-density material, so this sex toy is lighter than a stainless steel toy but still has all of the benefits of metal as a sex toy material. For example, metal sex toys are excellent for temperature play because they get very cold and very hot and hold body temperature well. Aluminium is latex- and phthalate-free. Pure Aluminium vibrators are compatible with any type of lubricant, and a small amount of lube goes a long way because these toys are mirror smooth and don’t absorb lube.

     The Pure Aluminium medium pink vibrator is very pretty indeed. I love the vibrant, metallic colors of the Pure Aluminium line. This vibe uses two AAA batteries².


     It has three speeds and no patterns. There’s only one button, so it’s easy to use, but the only way to turn off the vibrator is by using the one button to cycle through the speeds.


     The low and medium speed settings are on the rumblier side. The high setting feels buzzier than the other two but isn’t so buzzy that it makes my hand itch or numbs my fingers, even with my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The medium pink vibrator measures between 6-6.5″ in length and 4″ around at the widest part of the bulbs.

WP_000898 WP_000901

     The large bulbs of the medium pink vibrator provide gentle texture. Because the bulbs are the same size (excluding the realistic head) and evenly spaced, this vibrator makes me think of anal beads³. I tend to enjoy constant vibration externally and patterns internally, so I use this vibrator externally more. My favorite way to use this vibrator is to hold it by the end with the button with the realistic head pointing toward my vaginal opening and slide the length of the vibe up and down between my labia and over my clitoris. With the vibration turned on, the bulges and dips of the shape sort of feel like a pattern. I love the wet sound that lube and air make in the specific friction of this vibrator’s shape. I’ve had some satisfying clitoral orgasms while using this vibrator. The vibration is pretty strong internally. The aluminium transfers vibration well. The only minor negative aspect of using the vibe internally is loss of texture sensation with stronger vibration. In other words, the texture becomes less noticeable as the vibration gets stronger. I remedied the loss of texture sensation by squeezing the vibrator while it was inside me. The medium speed setting is my favorite because it’s the stronger of the two rumblier speeds, and even the high speed setting is super quiet. I couldn’t hear the vibrator over the TV at normal volume. This vibrator is nearly silent. There’s a clear ring that makes it waterproof.

WP_000904 WP_000902

     Soak it in a bowl of cool water (instead of putting it in the freezer) or warm water for temperature play. I recommend using the refrigerator instead of the freezer for safety reasons. Don’t insert a frozen sex toy. To warm Pure Aluminium vibrators, wrap the toy in a hot towel or just hold it for a few minutes. The metal is slippery when lubricated but not as slippery as glass, so the vibrator doesn’t become so slippery that it’s difficult to hold. I had Liquid Silk on the vibrator, my fingers, my vulva, and in my pubic hair and still didn’t lose my grip on the vibrator because there’s a ridge where the cap screws on. It’s also easy to clean using toy cleaner or a wet wipe or a 10% bleach solution. Because Pure Aluminium vibrators have motors, don’t put these toys in the dishwasher or boil them to clean them.

     Overall, the medium vibrators from Pipedream‘s Pure Aluminium line are great metal sex toys for beginners. They have three speeds with two settings that are rumblier and one setting that’s buzzier, so someone who’s new to vibrators in general has the opportunity to feel the difference in one toy. They’re body safe and easy to clean because they’re waterproof. The Pure Aluminium line provides a range of texture options, so someone who has never explored texture has the opportunity to find out whether or not they like texture and how much. I’d love to try a purple, black, or gold Pure Aluminium vibrator because I like texture. The silver vibrators offer no texture at all while the texture of the blue vibrators is too intense for me. Plus, buying a toy from the Pure Aluminium line costs around $50 (or less), which I think is definitely reasonable for a vibrating metal sex toy that’s waterproof. (Hint: Buy from Bondara in the UK or PinkCherry or SheVibe in the U.S. instead of Amazon.)

WP_000838 WP_000837


  • The Pure Aluminium line provides a range of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures that allow even beginners to choose a metal vibrator that’s right for them.
  • Aluminium is an abundant metal that’s perfect for making sex toys. Aluminium sex toys are body safe, nonporous, latex- and phthalate-free, and resistant to corrosion. Plus, aluminium is low-density, so aluminium toys are lighter than stainless steel toys.
  • Metal toys are great for temperature play.
  • This vibrator is compatible with any type of lubricant.
  • This vibrator has two rumblier vibration settings. The vibration is strong internally.
  • The medium pink vibrator has a realistic head.
  • The texture of the medium pink vibrator is noticeable and makes me think of anal beads but isn’t overwhelming.
  • It’s easy to use because there’s only one button.
  • Even on its high speed setting, this vibrator is nearly silent.
  • It’s easy to clean because it’s waterproof.


  • Like Icicles toys, Pure Aluminium vibrators don’t come with storage pouches.
  • Medium Pure Aluminium vibes aren’t rechargeable and run on AAA batteries, but I’m glad they’re not watch batteries.
  • Clean Pure Aluminium vibrators using a nonabrasive soap.
  • Pure Aluminium vibrators offer no patterns.
  • The high speed setting is both the strongest and the buzziest.
  • I have to cycle through the speeds to turn off the vibrator.
  • Pure Aluminium vibrators aren’t safe for anal use.
  • Stronger vibration means loss of texture sensation internally.

Rating:  8.5/10

¹I would not recommend any of the Pure Aluminium vibrators for anal insertion. While a few have shapes that are similar to butt plugs, none of them have bases to prevent them from slipping all the way inside the body and getting lost.

²The small Pure Aluminium vibrators run on watch batteries, and the large Pure Aluminium vibrators run on AA batteries. I cannot recommend buying anything smaller than a medium Pure Aluminium vibrator.

³Again, do not use Pure Aluminium vibrators anally.


Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #3


This review contains affiliate links.

The Lovehoney Sqweel is a unique sex toy created as the result of a competition and designed to simulate oral sex, especially cunnilingus. It has ten TPR (thermoplastic rubber) silicone¹ tongues on a wheel that spins inside a large, plastic housing. To be clear, these tongues are not 100% silicone, and it’s likely that this material is porous. I recommend using only water-based lubricants with this toy. I have not tried any silicone-based lubes with the Sqweel because I don’t want to risk the material degrading and my toy being ruined. Each tongue is about an inch wide, and the plastic housing is about 5″ long. The entire toy is the size of my palm and then some.


     Three AAA batteries power this toy. They drive the motor, which spins the wheel of tongues in a lapping or flicking motion. There are three speed settings – low, medium, and high.

WP_000556 WP_000557

     One of the Sqweel’s downfalls is how noisy it is. Even on its lowest speed setting, it produces a high-pitched whine. The medium setting is louder. The highest setting is even louder. I would compare the noise level of the high setting to a cordless drill with a dying battery. The whine isn’t as piercing as a dentist’s drill, and it’s a slightly grinding sound. This toy is not discreet.

     The Sqweel sells with vibrators, but I wouldn’t call this toy a vibrator as it doesn’t really vibrate. When I think of a vibrator, I imagine the buzzing sensation (whether shallow and surface-level or deep and rumbly) that it provides. The Sqweel doesn’t buzz; it licks and flicks.

     This toy arrives in a hinged metal box that I use to store my Sqweel when it’s not in use. A thin cardboard sleeve showing a close-up picture of the Sqweel’s tongues wraps around the metal box. Even though the picture might not give away what’s inside the box because this toy doesn’t really look like a sex toy, the tagline “A revolution in orgasms!” appears on the front of the package, so it’s not as discreet as it could be, but there are no models on the packaging. There’s a small Owner’s Guide that explains how to use and clean the toy.

WP_000551 WP_000553 WP_000554

     A variety of accessories is available for this toy (sold separately). There are three different wheels called Sqweelers that replace the original ten-tongued wheel. The Pearl Sqweeler is the firmest of the three. Little ticklers line the outer edges and stimulate the labia, and raised bumps that stimulate the clitoris line the middle of the wheel.

     The Wave Sqweeler has slim tongues on the inner part of the wheel. Instead of ticklers on the outer edges, there are flat, wavy flaps that hug the sides of the clitoris while the miniature tongues lick.


     The Tingle Sqweeler is the softest of the three. This wheel has a wavy flap on one outer edge and dozens of tiny ticklers that flick the skin all over. It provides the most gentle stimulation of the three Sqweelers.

     Finally, there’s the Sqweevee, a ring and flexible case that holds the Sqweel. The ring attaches the Sqweel to most vibrators. The ring wouldn’t fit around the large, padded head of the (Hitachi) Magic Wand, and it’s best suited for long, slim vibrators that have a more phallic shape. Lovehoney recommends using this accessory “with vibrators measuring between 3-3.5″ in circumference.” For more of a buzz (like I said, the Sqweel doesn’t really vibrate) or for penetration with simultaneous clitoral stimulation, use the Sqweel plus a long, slim vibe or dildo plus the Sqweevee.

     I’ve never tried any of the Sqweel’s accessories personally, so I can’t comment on their effectiveness or rate them. I also haven’t tried the Sqweel 2, which is the current version of this toy. Lovehoney discontinued the original Sqweel and replaced it with the update. The latest addition to the Sqweel line is the Sqweel Go, a travel version of the standard Sqweel design that’s available in pink, purple, and white.

     While I can’t compare the Sqweel and Sqweel 2, I can say that I’d expect that the current version is an upgrade. The Sqweel 2’s tongues are 100% silicone. It boasts 30% more power, which is definitely something I desire from my original. When my batteries aren’t fully charged, I actually lose the low speed setting completely. The medium setting is significantly weakened, and the high setting becomes the only useful one. The batteries don’t last nearly long enough. My original Sqweel lasts 20-30 minutes before it dies, so it’s a race to reach orgasm before that happens. Another potentially cool Sqweel 2 feature is a mode that reverses the direction in which the tongues spin. The Sqweel 2 doesn’t have any additional speed settings, but there are three modes, including something called a “flicker function.” The Sqweel 2 has a glossy plastic housing instead of a matte one, and it comes in both black and white. I think the white version is kind of snazzy.

     Use lube with any of the three versions of the Sqweel to reduce drag. I find that I have to reapply lube when I use this toy. It’s quite a lube hog. Remember to use only water-based lubricants with this toy. Use a warming lube or soak the wheel in warm water before use for a more realistic sensation.

     I didn’t have trouble cleaning this toy. Just twist the side of the housing and take it apart. The wheel of tongues slips out and fits back inside in only one direction, so I couldn’t screw it up. I clean the plastic housing with soap and water. However, the Sqweel is not waterproof! Remove the batteries before cleaning and be careful not to get water inside the battery compartment. I dry the housing with a towel but allow the tongues to air dry so that they don’t collect lint. Replace the cap when the toy isn’t in use.

WP_000558 WP_000559

     The way the Sqweel’s tongues felt against my labia and clitoris felt pleasing. On the low and medium speed settings with gentle stimulation, the tongues did feel a bit like the tip of a tongue teasingly lapping at me. On the high setting, the stimulation is too rough to feel like licking. Instead, the tongues are slapping against my clitoris, and it feels maybe more like a finger than a tongue. I prefer to use the Sqweel vertically. Use it horizontally for a different sensation. For additional novelty, use the Sqweel to stimulate the nipples, penis, or anus.

     This toy has a safety feature that sometimes prevents me from feeling enough pressure. When the Sqweel presses against the body, there’s a pressure point that will stop the wheel of tongues from moving. I require direct clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm, and I wish the pressure point for this feature was less sensitive.


  • The Sqweel 2’s tongues are silicone.
  • There are three speed settings (low, medium, and high).  The Sqweel 2 also has three modes, including a “flicker function,” and the direction of the wheel is reversible.
  • The Sqweel 2 is 30% more powerful.
  • Both versions are easy to clean.
  • This toy is a unique oral sex simulator.
  • Use this toy to stimulate body parts other than the clitoris, which provides novelty.
  • The Sqweel 2 comes in both black and white, a choice the original doesn’t offer.
  • There’s a travel version of this toy called the Sqweel Go, which also comes in several colors.


  • The battery life of the Sqweel is absolutely horrible.
  • This toy runs on three AAA batteries, which kind of sucks, but at least they aren’t watch batteries.
  • The Sqweel is noisy, so it’s not a discreet toy.
  • Neither version of this toy is waterproof.
  • Use only water-based lubricants with this toy and have lube handy because the Sqweel is a lube hog.
  • I would love a waterproof and rechargeable Sqweel for the price.
  • The pressure point stop safety feature ends up being a hindrance because it’s too sensitive.

Rating:  6/10

¹Lilly’s “‘TPR Silicone’ is a Myth” is an informative read.

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