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Anal Fantasy Collection Elite Vibro Balls.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #14

Anal Fantasy Collection Elite Vibro Balls

This review contains affiliate links.

I put off writing this review for months. It was partially a matter of life getting in the way. I blog as a hobby, and I haven’t made any money from affiliate programs yet, so I have a full-time day job. The holidays are the busiest time of year where I work, so I worked a lot of mandatory overtime and didn’t have time for much else. I was also pretty depressed. It took all of my energy some days to force myself to get out of bed and go to work. My fiancé and I didn’t have sex between September and December. Plus, I’m honestly just not excited about this toy.

     I’m reviewing the Elite Vibro Balls from Pipedream’s Anal Fantasy Collection. It’s no secret that Pipedream hasn’t done their reputation any favors with the recent release of their J-Law Hacked Love Doll that capitalizes on the leak of Jennifer Lawrence’s private photos last year. I’m not in any way defending Pipedream, and this review – like all of my reviews – will reflect my honest opinions about the Elite Vibro Balls based on my experiences.

     The Elite Vibro Balls and all Anal Fantasy Collection toys are part of a kit that contains the toy itself, two black finger condoms, one Moist Anal Lube Insertz, one Anal Eaze desensitizing cream Insertz, and a small bottle of Refresh Toy Cleaner.

20150213_100920 20150213_101252

     However, this photo of my obviously broken Elite Vibro Balls shows what I had left when I took pictures for this review. I promise to explain later.


     This toy is essentially two large anal beads connected by a stretchy, flexible silicone cord, but there are inner balls that freely roll around inside the beads. The feeling of shaking them in my hand feels much like my LELO LUNA Beads Mini, but the sensation isn’t as strong. I don’t know if maybe the inner balls of the Elite Vibro Balls have a coating or are too big. The rattle of the Elite Vibro Balls definitely isn’t as loud as my LUNA Beads Mini. They don’t feel as heavy, even though both toys’ inner balls are metal. They also don’t provide the more powerful vibration of my LUNA Beads Mini. I wouldn’t recommend using this toy as Kegel balls mainly because of their size. They’re too big to fit comfortably, and the cord is too long, so they easily fall out of my vagina. The Elite Vibro Balls aren’t effective as Kegel balls, but that’s not their intended purpose. I only tried it because I was curious.

     As anal beads, I wouldn’t recommend this toy for beginners. While the balls aren’t huge, there are smaller ones out there for people who have literally never engaged in any type of anal play with toys before. I used plenty of lube and was able to fully insert the toy on the second try. I recommend using a thicker water-based lube for anal play with silicone toys. The part of the cord that connects the two balls is a bit long, so I had a hard time inserting the second ball because the cord got in the way. I inserted the first ball, and I had to wiggle to cord deeper until the second ball touched my body before I could insert the second ball. They feel pleasantly filling, and I really enjoyed gently tugging on the retrieval loop while I rubbed circles over my clitoris with my finger. A dildo in my vagina at the same time makes the Elite Vibro Balls feel even more filling, and the external stimulation around my anus made my orgasm more powerful. The entire outside of the Elite Vibro Balls is nonporous, body safe silicone, which is easy to clean. I recommend boiling this toy to sanitize it, which is possible because it doesn’t have a motor. Other cleaning options are soap and water, a 10% bleach solution, and toy cleaner or wet wipes.

     There are a couple of things about this toy that I don’t like. First, the vibration of the inner balls is dull. With the toy inserted, I can’t feel the movement of the inner balls at all. All I feel is the size of the balls, and even tugging on the retrieval loop doesn’t enhance the vibration. Maybe the vibration would be more noticeable with smaller or heavier inner balls. The main thing I don’t like is the cord. As I said, the part that connects the two beads is too long. Well, the part with the retrieval loop is too short.


     With both Elite Vibro Balls inside me, the base of the retrieval cord presses against my anus, and it’s so small and flexible that I worried about losing the loop and the toy in my ass. I figured out that I enjoyed tugging on the cord because I was only comfortable using the toy if I kept a finger in the retrieval loop the whole time. The silicone becomes very slippery when it’s covered in lube, and the cord is so stretchy that I snapped myself in the ass while removing the beads because the loop slipped off my finger. Finally, I have major concerns about the strength of the cord because it’s quite thin. I took a ball in each hand and pulled them apart, and I was able to snap the cord with my hands.


     I don’t think this anal toy is safe for anal use. I’m going to keep the bead that’s attached to the part of the cord with the retrieval loop because I want to see if one bead works better than two as a Kegel ball, so I used scissors to cut off the little nub that was left from the broken cord.

20150213_112523 20150213_112737

     I’m going to flame test the other piece of the toy.


     When it comes to the other items in the kit, I think the finger condoms are a good idea, especially for inserting the toy when it comes to anal play and people who have vaginas. Put on the finger condom to insert the toy and take it off before touching her vagina to avoid the transfer of bacteria and prevent infections.

20150213_102024 20150213_102135

     The toy cleaner is only alright. It smells like the blowing bubbles that come with a wand and foams a little, which makes it feel a bit like soap, but the toy still retained a smell after I washed it with the toy cleaner, so I ended up boiling it anyway.

20150213_102626 20150213_110007

     I didn’t even try the Anal Eaze desensitizing cream Insertz. I’ve written before about why desensitizing agents and anal sex don’t mix. I threw away that piece of the kit immediately. I did try the Moist Anal Lube Insertz because it’s not a desensitizing lube, and the small tube from the kit provided enough lube for one use.

Anal Eaze Insertz ingredients

Moist Anal Lube Insertz ingredients

Refresh Toy Cleaner ingredients¹



  • The Elite Vibro Balls are part of a convenient anal play kit that includes finger condoms, lube, and toy cleaner.
  • The two large anal beads contain inner balls that freely roll around inside them to create the vibration, which means there’s no motor. Boil this toy to sanitize it. I highly recommend sanitizing anal toys when possible.
  • The Elite Vibro Balls feel filling, and it’s possible to use this toy in addition to other toys like clit vibes or dildos.
  • This toy is body safe silicone.


  • Pipedream continues to damage their own reputation with some of the toys they make and advertising that turns off potential customers because people perceive it as sexist or racist. Understandably, they’re a company some people don’t want to support.
  • While the Elite Vibro Balls are quiet, the vibration is dull and isn’t even noticeable with the toy inserted. I believe that either the metal inner balls have a coating or are too big to provide the space needed for them to move around.
  • Even though they’re designed much like a lot of Kegel balls, they aren’t effective as Kegel balls because they’re too big, which makes them uncomfortable, and the cord is too long, so the balls don’t stay in the vagina.
  • This toy is definitely an intermediate anal toy because it’s a little too big for a beginner or someone who has never tried any type of anal play before. It’s not a huge toy though, so it’s one someone could easily work up to.
  • The cord is absolutely awful. The part that connects the two beads is too long while the part with the retrieval loop is too short. The retrieval loop is too small and flexible and isn’t a safe base for an anal toy. The cord is very stretchy and becomes very slippery when it’s covered in lube, but it’s impossible to use this toy without getting the cord covered in lube, so I snapped myself in the ass with the cord while I was trying to remove the beads. The worst thing about the cord, however, is that I was strong enough to snap it by pulling the beads apart. An anal toy needs a stronger cord.
  • I don’t recommend even trying the Anal Eaze desensitizing cream Insertz. Anal play and desensitizing agents don’t mix, and someone who can’t feel pain as well might hurt themselves without knowing it.

Rating:  1/10

¹I’m not sure if the spelling error is on the bottle or online.

Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #8

Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube

WP_000723 WP_000725

This review contains affiliate links.

Adam & Eve Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube is a water-based lube that contains lidocaine. Dentists and other doctors inject lidocaine as a local anesthetic for minor surgery. In this case, it’s a topical anesthetic that acts quickly, and its effects last for an intermediate period of time during anal sex “for temporary relief of pain, soreness or burning in the perianal area,” according to the lube’s packaging.


     Furthermore, lidocaine relieves itching from sunburn, insect bites or stings, and poison ivy. I was given this lube by Adam & Eve during my time as a Brand Champion on Sex Forums in exchange for an honest review. I no longer see Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube on their Web site, which isn’t a big deal since I wouldn’t recommend using a desensitizing lubricant for anal sex for safety reasons.

     In general, I prefer to use water-based lubricants for their ease of use and quick cleanup. I can wipe off a water-based lube with a wet wipe and don’t need a shower to feel clean. There are thinner and thicker water-based lubricants, including gels and flavored lubes. It’s highly likely that there’s at least one water-based lube out there that’ll suit anyone’s needs. They typically aren’t greasy, and having to reapply is the one major downfall of water-based lubes. In fact, my fiancé’s number one complaint about the water-based lubricants we’ve used is that they start to dry out during sex and become tacky. They just don’t last as long as silicone-based lubricants, but silicone-based lubes are more difficult to wash off. Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube is quite runny. It’s only about half as thick as Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant by Intimate Organics. I put a small amount of each on a plastic bag. The Intimate Organics lube is on the left, and the Adam & Eve lube is on the right.


     The Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube spread out on the bag’s smooth surface almost twice as much. When I picked up the bag from the top and held it vertically, the Adam & Eve lube ran down the surface and reached the bottom almost twice as fast. I’d recommend a thicker lubricant for anal sex because the anus doesn’t self-lubricant like the vagina does. My fiancé and I first used KY Jelly, which is very thick, but I’m really not a fan of KY Jelly and believe we only used it because we didn’t know any better. Liquid Silk is one of my favorite lubes now. It’s actually a hybrid lube, so it isn’t strictly water-based.

     Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube is smooth and odorless. The smell of this lubricant is completely neutral. Like most water-based lubes, it’s easy to clean up with soap and water or just a wet wipe or wash cloth. Because it’s water-based, it’s safe to use with all sex toys. If used with a toy, any toy cleaner will remove it.

     I first used this lube while masturbating with a dildo. Instead of getting started and waiting until I was wet enough to use my natural vaginal lubrication for anal penetration, I used this lube. Penetration was easy, and I was able to get the dildo inside me the first time I tried without discomfort or pain. However, no amount or type of lube is going to make anal sex comfortable or pleasurable without relaxation on the part of the person being penetrated, and with a partner who either isn’t gentle enough or enters too quickly, anal sex can still be uncomfortable, even with lube. When I used this lubricant with my fiancé, we had started having sex without lube, and I had thought I was wet enough, but when we tried to switch to anal sex, I had difficulty taking him in. I applied this lube around the outside of my anus and just slightly inside with one finger. We tried again, and I experienced significantly less difficulty. He was able to slide inside me slowly, and my discomfort was significantly minimized. It was still a tight fit, which I expect when it comes to anal sex, but lube will help regardless of type or brand. Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube definitely makes penetration easier, but any other lubricant would do the same thing, and the lidocaine doesn’t make me feel at all desensitized. I didn’t feel any numbness or tingling when I used this lube, and the active ingredient that desensitizes isn’t going to cause a cooling sensation either. I can’t say that I felt anything.

Ingredients: lidocaine, cellulose gum, diazolidinyl urea, glycerin, isopentyldiol, methylparaben, propylene glycol, propylparaben, water


Anal sex tip:

     I think this is a good place for a health disclaimer. Being desensitized or numb during anal sex is potentially dangerous. Without being able to feel discomfort or pain, a person could get hurt and not know right away. Discomfort and pain are the body’s way of saying that something’s wrong, so if there is any discomfort, pain, or bleeding during anal sex, stop immediately. Be careful when using sex toys anally. Be sure to use toys that have a large enough base or handle to prevent them from slipping completely inside and getting lost. Don’t use any product that actually causes total numbness or loss of sensation. Lidocaine is not recommended for internal use. Warming, cooling, and tingling lubes are safe for anal sex.


  • Water-based lubricants aren’t greasy.
  • They’re easy to wash off with soap and water, a wet wipe or wash cloth, or sex toy cleaner.
  • This lube is safe to use with condoms and sex toys because it won’t degrade latex or cause discoloration in sex toy materials.
  • The price is comparable to other water-based lubricant brands in a bottle of the same or a similar size.
  • Lidocaine rarely causes adverse drug or allergic reactions.


  • Adam & Eve Slick Sensations Desensitizing Anal Lube is “not a strong desensitizing agent,” as one customer stated in their review on Adam & Eve’s product page. In fact, I didn’t feel anything when I used this lube.
  • This lube is very thin. I’d recommend using a thicker lubricant for anal sex.
  • Being desensitized during anal sex is potentially dangerous.
  • The flip cap makes dispensing the lube messy, especially because it’s so runny.


  • This lubricant is not paraben- and glycerine-free. While lidocaine rarely causes adverse reactions, women may experience sensitivity to other ingredients.

Rating:  2.5/10

Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #2

Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant

This review contains affiliate links.

Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant is a water-based lube from Intimate Organics. The packaging is tasteful, and the bottle shows the same image that’s on the box. The image is a female abdomen from just underneath the breasts to the hip with the focus on the navel and two leaves across the bottom of the picture. There are drops of water both covering the model’s abdomen and on the leaves, so it’s clear that this lube is water-based. This lube is different from other lubricants in that it is vegan friendly. Use it for oral sex because it’s safe to ingest. All of the products made by Intimate Organics contain certified organic extracts. These products are glycerine-, DEA-, and paraben-free, and they are body safe. While it’s true that some water-based lubes contain glycerine, women who suffer from chronic yeast infections or have other sensitivities should use a lubricant that doesn’t contain glycerine. Because I have very sensitive skin and itching that’s triggered easily, I’m careful when choosing a lubricant, and I really liked Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant’s specifications and bought an 8-ounce (240ml) bottle, which is the largest size available. DEA is actually used in shampoo, lotion, and other cosmetics, and it is not necessarily harmful by itself, but it can interact with other ingredients to create a carcinogen linked to various types of cancer. Parabens are also found in shampoo as well as products such as shaving gel and toothpaste and can mimic estrogen and cause decreased sperm count in men as well as skin allergic reactions, and parabens can increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Exposure to these chemicals over time is potentially dangerous, so I love that Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant does not use them. Intimate Organics also doesn’t use synthetic menthol or aluminum sulphate, which can dry or dehydrate vaginal and clitoral tissue and cause irritation. Intimate Organics never tests on animals.

WP_000531 WP_000532

     Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant is clear. It contains plant cellulose, which is a natural ingredient. This lube feels smooth and slick to the touch and washes off easily because it’s water-based. Although Intimate Organics states that Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant has no smell or taste, the lube has a natural smell that is not offensive. This lubricant definitely smells like plants. It’s not a flowery, feminine smell, and it’s not exactly a grassy smell. It doesn’t really smell earthy, and it doesn’t smell like dirt. It’s not really a leafy, autumn smell, and it doesn’t smell even remotely chemical. The natural smell of Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant is fresh and pleasant. The taste of this lube also is relatively inoffensive. It isn’t completely tasteless, but the slightly bitter taste isn’t strong or utterly disgusting. It both smells and tastes like the aloe it contains, but again, it’s not an earthy or grassy taste. However, even though this lube is safe to ingest, I wouldn’t want to ingest large amounts of it. It would be a versatile lube to use for any type of intimate activity, including oral sex, but honestly, I’d suggest finding a good flavored lube for oral sex. Intimate Organics makes flavored lubes, but I haven’t tried any of them.


Lube tip:

     There are various types of lubricants on the market:  water-based, silicone-based, hybrid lubes, oil-based, liquids, gels, creams, and sprays.

     Water-based lubricants are popular for many reasons. Water-based lubes are the easiest to wash off. Just use a wet wash cloth or intimate wipe. Soap and water often isn’t necessary to feel clean after using a water-based lube. In fact, I just wiped my hands on a dry towel, and this lube came right off. Another great feature of water-based lubes is their ability to reactivate if they dry out during sexual activity. Water – or saliva in a pinch – reactivates water-based lubricants. Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant is no different. I placed a bit of this lube on my fingertips and rubbed it into my skin until my fingers felt dry. Running my hand under a faucet was all it took to make the lube slippery again. One problem with water-based lubes is that they quickly can become sticky or tacky. Tackiness is my fiancé’s number one water-based lube complaint. Another issue is that they’re difficult to use in water because they wash off. These lubricants aren’t appropriate for having sex in the shower or tub.

     Silicone-based lubes are great for sex in water. A silicone-based lube won’t wash off without soap, so it provides the staying power that a water-based lube won’t. I had heard that silicone-based lubes are better for anal sex, so my fiancé and I tried a silicone-based lube, and it worked just fine, but I never felt completely clean after using it, even after washing it off with a soapy wash cloth. When we used Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant for anal sex, my fiancé applied it, and I felt like he used a lot, but the bottle still looked full, and he hadn’t used much at all. Three-quarters of the bottle remains, and it doesn’t expire until April.


     Additionally, silicone-based lubes are not always safe to use with sex toys. Silicone-based lubes can degrade some materials – silicone, for example, which is a popular sex toy material because it’s body safe – so a water-based lube sometimes is necessary.

     Hybrid lubes are not new, but they are gaining popularity. A hybrid lube is a combination of a water-based lube and an ingredient that’s found in silicone. The first hybrid lube I used was Bodywise Liquid Silk. It’s not clear like water- and silicone-based lubes; instead, it’s white or milky and looks and feels like a thin lotion. Hybrid lubricants are easy to clean up like a water-based lube but long-lasting and slick like a silicone-based lube. While some hybrids claim they are appropriate for use with sex toys, I wouldn’t recommend taking that risk because hybrid lubes contain a small amount of silicone and may degrade silicone and other sex toy materials. When using silicone-based or hybrid lubricants with sex toys, test a small area first to avoid ruining the toy.

     Please exercise caution when using oil-based lubes. These can also be called petroleum-based lubes – for example, petroleum jelly or baby oil. Some oil-based lubes are not body safe, and oil-based lubricants in general are not as popular as they once were. They can degrade latex, which can cause latex condoms to slip or break more easily. Never use an oil- or petroleum-based lube with latex condoms. Instead, use a polyurethane condom. It is also believed that oil-based lubes are potentially detrimental to a woman’s vaginal health by clogging pores or causing yeast or bladder infections because oil-based lubes are more difficult to wash off. Do not use baby oil, Vaseline, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or hand or body lotion for penetrative sex. However, if latex condoms aren’t being used, I have heard that virgin coconut oil is one of the best oil-based lubes because it’s organic and doesn’t contain the chemicals found in commercial lubricants. Coconut oil is also edible and tastes good. Finally, coconut oil may contain virus-, bacteria-, and fungus-fighting ingredients.

     Gels, creams, and sprays have gained popularity in recent years with claims that they heighten arousal and sensitivity by stimulating the nipples, buttocks, clitoris, or G-spot. Gels and creams have a thicker consistency comparable to that of KY Jelly or body butter. I prefer a thinner liquid lube over the thickness of KY Jelly. Any of these products can contain ingredients that cause tingling or stimulating, warming, or cooling sensations or desensitize an area. There are too many varieties of flavored lubes for me to list them all here. Try a bunch and find a flavored lube that tastes great. For people who use lube but don’t want to make a mess, there are lubricant sprays, which don’t make hands slippery. Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant has a messy cap instead of a pump.


     Intimate Organics makes an anal sex spray, too. Their anal sex sprays do not contain desensitizing ingredients.


  • Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant contains organic extracts and is vegan friendly.
  • It’s safe to ingest.
  • It’s glycerine-, DEA-, and paraben-free, and Intimate Organics never tests on animals.
  • The ingredients in Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant condition skin.
  • This lube is safe to use with condoms and sex toys.
  • It washes off easily with water.
  • Water-based lubes reactivate with water or saliva if they dry out during sexual activity.
  • Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant has a natural aloe smell and taste.
  • This lube is one of the most body safe lubes on the market.
  • The price is comparable to other water-based lubricant brands in a bottle of the same or a similar size.


  • Water-based lubes are not effective in water.
  • The cap can make dispensing this lube slightly messy.
  • I would still recommend using a flavored lube for oral sex.

Rating:  9/10

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