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Kink Academy.

Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers #6

Kink Academy

This review contains affiliate links.

I recently won Lady Cheeky’s huge Valentine’s Day giveaway, and Kink Academy donated a one-month subscription to their Web site. In fact, however, Kink Academy was so generous as to give me two months of free membership. Thank you so much to Kink Academy for this educational prize! I logged in and was able to access the site on my first attempt.

     Of course, I went straight to their video library. Kink Academy’s videos cover every BDSM and kink topic I can think of and then some. On the first page alone, I saw videos about rope bondage and suspension, negotiation in D/s relationships, sensory deprivation, handcuffs, whips, aftercare, and more. Kink Academy’s videos are extremely varied and informational. They have free videos that discuss topics like consent, how to clean canes and latex, age play, water bondage, erotic humiliation, urethral sounds, and even kink on a budget. I really enjoyed this free demonstration called The Cock Helicopter¹.

     I’m not an especially kinky person and haven’t tried many BDSM activities. My fiancé spanks me sometimes, but we’ve never done it in a serious way or constructed a scene. It’s always playful and never lasts long. Honestly, we had only one impact toy until recently. It’s a little cat-o’-nine-tails that came to me as a free gift when I bought my fiancé his Fleshlight. We’ve never used it. It’s a better free gift than the masks that often come with Pipedream toys, but this cat-o’-nine-tails is relatively cheap. Instead, he spanks me bare-handed. I recently received the Tantus Plunge Paddle, and we haven’t used it yet but plan to. I sensed my fiancé’s excitement as his eyes lit up when I showed him Gritty Woman‘s video. I also like being restrained. I’ve been curious about breast bondage for a long time. Ultimately, I’ve declared that this year will be my Year of the Spanking, but I can’t say I’ve made any progress yet, and it’s already March, so I’m hoping that Kink Academy will help me get started.

     Kink Academy’s search bar is effective and helpful. For example, I couldn’t find videos about breast bondage using the “breasts” tag, so I went to the search bar, typed “breast bondage,” and easily found what I was looking for. I also searched “spanking” because there is no tag², and I found videos demonstrating spanking with toys, spanking positions, spanking techniques, spanking safety, and heavy-handed spanking, which was my favorite of these videos. The search bar is a great tool that allowed me to find specific videos without paging through the archives, although that’s another option. I also searched by skill level and by expert. Video labels include “basic skill,” “intermediate skill,” or “advanced skill.” Basic skill videos provide general information and discuss safety and relationship topics. They are accessible to almost everyone, even people like me who aren’t very kinky. These videos are introductions to topics and literally teach the basics. One basic skill video discusses choosing a dildo for strap-on sex. Intermediate skill videos build on what experts teach in basic skill videos. Kink Academy experts in videos at this level demonstrate alternate techniques and provide additional tips for their successful execution. Intermediate skill videos discuss safety in more depth as well. This intermediate skill video discusses adding rope to avoid running short. Advanced skill videos discuss more dangerous BDSM and kink activities. They also discuss techniques that require practice to master. For example, some advanced skill videos discuss rope suspension, breast milk play and inducing lactation, and Florentine flogging. All of Kink Academy’s videos are professional. This site isn’t a porn or tube site. Instead, it’s truly a sex education site. Kink Academy uses slow motion to show difficult concepts and techniques, and while some of their videos are arousing, they all focus on instruction. Kink Academy constantly stresses the importance of safety.

     The experts at Kink Academy, also called the faculty, are definitely knowledgeable. Some are better demonstrators than others, but overall, it’s obvious that they know what they’re talking about. Kink Academy’s experts run the gamut. They’re transgender, polyamorous, sadists, certified counselors and therapists, fetishists, and exhibitionists. Experts Foxy and Sherifox are pony play grand champions. These experts are educators, introverts, comedians – and yes, some are sex workers. If I’m interested in learning something new about BDSM or kink, I know there’s a Kink Academy expert who can teach me.

     Kink Academy’s blog supplements their video library with more general information about topics like rules for building healthy D/s relationships, precautions and safety tips, historical information, how to choose the right type of rope, setting the mood with music, and subspace. The blog does not seem to include videos.

     Kink Academy uploads at least five new high-quality videos every week, which means their site is always current and relevant. It seems like they really care about what their members want to see and produce popular content based on user feedback and other metrics. They offer several subscription options, and their billing for membership charges is discreet.

     If Kink Academy’s content is a bit too rough, they offer the same features on their sister site, Passionate U. Passionate U provides the same professional level of educational information about sex and intimacy minus the BDSM and kink topics. Some of the videos on Passionate U discuss erectile dysfunction, choosing the right condom, menopause, and even how to remove her bra. Both Ducky Doolittle and Lady Cheeky are Passionate U experts. In these videos, Ducky Doolittle discusses slowing down his orgasm, and Lady Cheeky discusses sensuality for women over 40.


  • Kink Academy’s site is easy to navigate.
  • The extensive video library and archives cover a wide variety of BDSM and kink topics.
  • Kink Academy offers free videos that provide “health, legal and safety information that we believe all sexual beings should have access to.”
  • Passionate U, Kink Academy’s sister site, offers the same features without the kink.
  • The search bar is effective at locating specific content.
  • Kink Academy is searchable by skill level and expert in addition to more basic search tools.
  • The videos are clearly labeled and logically organized.
  • Consent and safety are constantly emphasized.
  • The high-quality videos are professional, and the experts are knowledgeable.
  • Kink Academy’s blog supplements their video library.
  • Kink Academy uploads at least five new videos every week.
  • Their billing for membership charges is discreet.


  • Not all of Kink Academy’s videos are free. Some content is available to members only.
  • Kink Academy could make better use of tags.
  • At least one expert isn’t listed with the rest of the site’s faculty³.
  • Kink Academy’s content might be too kinky for some people.

Rating:  8.5/10

¹Although I can’t say I’m sure my fiancé would let me spin his penis like a helicopter blade.


³There are only three Sir Nik Satanas videos on Kink Academy, so perhaps he just isn’t a regular contributor.

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